Takra Dhara

Thakra Dhara is a word made up of 2 Sanskrit words i.e. Takra and Dhara,wherein Takra implies buttermilk and Dhara implies Pouring in stream.Takradhara is a conventional Ayurvedic methodology wherein a surge of buttermilk is poured on to the focused on body part. Thakradhara is helpful in treating psoriasis, hypertension, absence of rest and so forth. In Thakradharam treatment, buttermilk prepared with therapeutic herbs is utilized as a part of the type of an outside cure, as a thin stream.

Takradhara is an uncommon Ayurvedic treatment that utilizations cured buttermilk.Takra implies buttermilk and dhara is a stream.The physiological advantages of Takradhara Ayurvedic Treatment are fundamentally the same as that of shirodhara. Be that as it may, the real distinction being utilization of cured buttermilk.

Takradhara is shown in following wellbeing conditions

Stress Reduction

Psychological well-being

Skin and Hair Care


What's in store

It incorporates a consistent stream of sedated buttermilk on the temple.

How it functions

Pouring of buttermilk invigorates and relieves the hypothalamus, along these lines directing the elements of pituitary organ and actuating rest.

Not suggested (contraindicated) if there should be an occurrence of

Unending sinusitis or cool.

Takradhara is utilized as a part of administration of following conditions at NuAyurveda Clinic

Stress Reduction

AyurvedicTakradhara treatment enhances blood flow and unwinds the nerves, which prompts decrease in mental pressure.

Skin and Hair Care

For skin and hair mind Takradhara is trailed by abhyangam. This for the most part is utilized for general mental unwinding.

Emotional wellness

Takradharasoothes the hypothalamus and furthermore unwinds the nerves. This makes mental smoothness. AyurvedicTakradhara treatment additionally controls the elements of pituitary organ and subsequently is gainful in enhancing psychological well-being.


As an Ayurvedic Massage treatment for enhancing insusceptibility, takradhara is performed alongside Abhyangam. The back rub utilized amid this procedure, invigorates the inward organs and enhances blood course. The Ayurvedic body knead likewise empowers creation of white platelets, which assume an essential part in looking after resistance.

Advantages of Thakra Dhara:

Buttermilk has cooling properties and actuates a similar impact on body and psyche. Ithelps to relaxthe mind and lessen mental stress.Takradhara avoids turning gray of the hair, diminishes cerebral pains, expands stomach related power and mitigates anorexia. It is likewise valuable in a sleeping disorder, despondency and different pressure related infirmities.

Gives alleviation in Hypertension, Insomnia, Depression /Provides relief in Hypertension, Insomnia, Depression

Avoids Premature turning gray of hairs/Prevents Premature greying of hairs.

Eases Tiredness, weariness and Headache/Relieves Tiredness, fatigue and Headache.

Conciliates Aggravated Doshas/Pacifies Aggravated Doshas.

Extemporizes resistance/Improvises immunity.

Gives alleviation in Urinary disarranges /Provides relief in Urinary disorders

Battles Heart sicknesses by evacuating blockages and enhancing blood dissemination/Fights Heart diseases by removing blockages and improving blood circulation.

Treats Tastelessness or Anorexia /Treats Tastelessness or Anorexia

Alleviation in Diseases of the ear and eye/Relief in Diseases of the ear and eye.

Alleviation in Psoriasis/Relief in Psoriasis.

Remembers Migraine cerebral pain/Relives Migraine headache.

Anticipates Hair misfortune and hair fall, Dandruff /Prevents Hair loss and hair fall, Dandruff

Advantageous in treatment of Paralysis/Beneficial in treatment of Paralysis.