Netra Tarapana

Eyes are windows of our bidy which empowers us to see and play out our everyday activities.These are the irgans which rest inly when we rest. In the present period where a human cerebrum is continually growing new open doors and wants we get included into boisterous work routine and the vast majority of us don't get effective sleep.It commonly comes about into vision issue and vatious other eye issue, for example, glaucoma.Some eye issue are from birth, for example, low or foggy vision .Here much care should be taken.

Factors, for example, contamination ,developing pressure and so on are additionally mindful and brings about clutters, for example, Dry eyes, Watery eyes, Computer vision disorder, Eye strain, Cataract, laucoma, Stiffness and unpleasantness of the eye and so forth.

It is vital to deal with the eyes for kongeviety of vision.

Netra Tarpana is one of the particular medications for different eye issue. Netra Tarpana goes about as both preventive and corrective treatment for keeping up ordinary solid state of eyes. Netra Means Eyes and tarpana Means Nourishment. It is a system wherein tepid sedated ghee is made to remain stale in the eyes for a conjectured time in a particular shaped frame.The quiet is inspected before taking the treatment on the off chance that he is qualified for it.


A mixture arranged by utilizing endorsed gram flour is set around both the eyes, and insurances are taken with the goal that the drug does not spill from the batter which is set around the eyes. The Luke warm cured Gritha is poured in to it, and made to remain for no less than 5 min, at that point pressed out and supplanted with warm sedated gritha,This technique is performed for 20 to 25 min. After the treatment the oil is evacuated alongside the batter, and delicate abhyanga(Massage) is done, and the individual is encouraged to take rest for some time.

Advantages of NetraTarpan

  • Gives Nourishment to worn out, dry, harsh or harmed eyes /Provides Nourishment to tired, dry, rough or injured eyes
  • Fortifies the nerves and muscles of the eyes /Strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes
  • Gives the freshness to the eyes /Gives the freshness to the eyes
  • Builds the course of the facial muscles and Facial nerves/Increases the circulation of the facial muscles and Facial nerves