Ksheera Dhara

It is the treatment in which the tepid cured drain is made to stream in a moderate constitend rate over the temple for a specific length, for the most part finished the glabellar locale or the entire body with concurrent delicate back rub.

Strategy – Ksheera dhara is an unwinding treatment like Shirodhara however rather than natural oil, home grown drain implanted with extraordinary herbs, for example, purging turmeric powder and fragrant sandalwood powder, is consistently poured over the temple or everywhere throughout the body. The delicate drain shower is trailed by an unwinding knead.

Advantages – Ksheera dhara is an awesome treatment for individuals experiencing Vata and Pitta transcendence, migraines, a sleeping disorder and mental pressure. This saturating treatment alleviates nervousness and pressure, and leaves the skin with a solid gleam.

Term – 30 minutes