Janu Vasthi

Among every one of the cures accessible for intense or incessant knee torment, Janu Vasti (Janu Basti) is the most well known Ayurvedic treatments. Gives an enchanted alleviation from the agony and solidness related with knee torment. By and large Jaanu Vasti gives a long standing alleviation.

Knee joint is the most critical joint in the human body. The simple developments of knee joints make our velocity simple. We stroll on our feet. Knee torment is one of the basic medical problems we experience in the cutting edge centers. There are many conditions which create knee torment and firmness. Knee torment is frequently connected with firmness, swelling, consuming sensation, click sounds and impediment of developments.

Osteoarthritis is a typical issue influencing the knee joints. At the point when Janu Vasti is joined with compelling medicines like Abhyanga, Patra Pinda Sweda (leaf bolus fomentation) and Vasti (cured bowel purges) and so forth and ailment altering medications and mixes, it gives a decent help in numerous excruciating knee conditions like Osteoarthritis and so forth.

In Janu Vasti treatment sedated oils are poured and pooled for a settled span of time in a compartment or a lodge built around the knee joint/joints utilizing wet flour of dark gram. The agony alleviating cured (natural) oils are pooled and left set up (held) in this compartment for a settled term of time. Consequently the technique is called Janu Vasti.

In Janu Vasti treatment sedated oils are poured and pooled for a settled span of time in a compartment or a lodge built around the knee joint/joints utilizing wet flour of dark gram. The agony alleviating cured (natural) oils are pooled and left set up (held) in this compartment for a settled term of time. Consequently the technique is called Janu Vasti.

For Jaanu Vasti (oil pooling) – Taila (cured oil), Ghee (sedated ghee) or both reasonable to the illness and sick are gathered and put away in advance. Similar medications are utilized for directing Abhyanga (knead) after the finishing of Jaanu Vasti system.

Home grown powders like – Rasnadi Churna, Kottamchukkadi Churna, Jatamayadi Churna, Ellumnishadi Churna, Grihadhoomadi Churna, Kolakulattadi Churna and so on are gathered for Churna Pinda Sweda (Powder bolus fomentation)alongwith Flour of dark gram, Water. Churna pinda sweda is controlled for two or three days before beginning Janu Vasti as a piece of pre-treatment strategies. Subsequent to giving a back rub to the influenced knee joint/joints with natural oils, hot fomentation is given with the powder boluses. Churna pinda sweda is improved the situation 30-45 minutes day by day for 2-3 days preceding Kati Vasti. Patra pinda sweda: Fresh leaves of torment executing and vata mitigating drugs like Eranda (Ricinus communis – castor plant), Nigundi (Vitex negundo), Arka, Chincha (tamarind), and so forth to conduct Patra pinda sweda. At the point when Kashaya Vasti is arranged as a piece of treatment convention, Anuvasana Vasti (purification with huge measurements of sedated oils and ghee) ought to be compulsorily given on exchange days.Depending on the sort of disorder the distinctive strides in Janu Basti are taken after.

Janu Vasti is a specific treatment which is performed for the illnesses identified with Knee joint. The word Janu remains for Knee district and Vasti implies which covers or encompasses. Janu vasti is where indicated sedated oil is held for a stipulated period in the Janu region(Knee district). This system is special, which contains both snehana (oleation) and swedana (sudation) (snehayukta swedana)

Treatment methodology.

The treatment methodology is separated in to three sections…

Purva karma(pre strategy)

Pradhana Karma(main Procedure)

Pashyat Karma(Post Procedure)


Choice of the patient:-

Choice of the patient for this method depends up on the analysis which is finished with

Astha vidha pareeksha (eight overlap examination)and Dashavidha Pareeksha's(ten crease examination) which is finished by a qualified doctor

Determination of the solution

The determination of the prescription for the system depends on the patient's condition, the cured oil is chosen relied on the Rogi bala(Strength of the patient)Roga Bala(severity of the illness).

Pradhana Karma(Main Procedure)

The individual is made to lie on the droni, a mixture which is set up by utilizing endorsed gram flour is set over the influenced zone of the Knee, the Luke warm cured oil is poured in to it, and made to remain for no less than 5 min, at that point crushed out and supplanted with warm cured oil.

This method is performed for 25 to 30 min.


After the treatment the oil is expelled alongside the batter, and delicate abhyanga(Massage) is done, and the individual is encouraged to take rest for some time.


1. Osteoarthritis

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis

3. Ligament tear

4. Meniscal harm

5. Knee Strain and sprain

6. popliteal pimple.

7. Tendinitis

8. Gout and pseudogout

9. Osteoporosis

Advantages of Janu Vasti :

  • Diminishes torment in the knee joints and legs ,alleviates firmness in the knee joint.
  • Brings gentility and a feeling of wellbeing in the knee and legs. /Brings lightness and a sense of health in the knee and legs.
  • Fortifies the knee joints and the related structures, Improves developments /Strengthens the knee joints and the related structures, Improves movements
  • Upgrades blood supply to the knee joint and delicate tissues around joints./Enhances blood supply to the knee joint and soft tissues around joints.

1. Reduces agony and irritation

2. Removes the fit and unbending nature of the muscles around the Knee and lower leg muscles.

3. Stops the degeneration of the Knee joints

4. Lubricates the Knee joints

5. Protect the ligament of Knee joint

6. Nourishes the muscles, Bone and nerves of Knee region

7. Increases the vasodilatation and helps the blood flow in the Knee territory


1. The restorative activity of Jati Vasti is relies upon.

2. The pharmacological activity of the chose medication.

3. The snehana(oleation) impact.

4. The swedana(sudation) influence.

5. The temperature kept up amid the method.

6. The knee is one of the biggest and most complex joints in the body. The knee joins the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). The littler bone that keeps running nearby the tibia (fibula) and the kneecap (patella) are alternate bones that influence the knee to joint.

Ligaments interface the knee unresolved issues leg muscles that move the knee joint. Tendons join the knee bones and give steadiness to the knee:

Two C-molded bits of ligament called the average and parallel menisci go about as safeguards between the femur and tibia.

Various bursae, or liquid filled sacs, enable the knee to move easily.

At the point when the treatment method begins the primary organ which will be in contact with the medication is the skin. Skin is a substantial, exceptionally complex organ and fundamentally coordinated organ framework and the segment of the skin are cutaneous layer related with hairs, nails and exocrine organs, the cutaneous film has two parts, shallow epithelium or epidermis and the hidden connective tissue of the dermis.

7. The nature of the skin is upheld by a broad system of veins, and tactile receptors that screen touch, weight, temperature and torment

Our body is comprised of various kinds of cells and every cell layer is comprised of phospholipids. Lipid dissolvable substances can without much of a stretch cross the cell film thus the base of the solution utilized for treatment is in lipid shape (cured oils)

8. When the method begins, sedated oil cross the cell layer through the skin, and the elements of phospholipids will increment and go about as a bearer for different cell components or pollutions which are in charge of the arrangement of illnesses,

The Luke warm oil will expand the temperature to more than 2 to 3c in the confined region, by which vasodilatation will happen and the blood flow will increment and essential oxygen and sustenance materials are provided and the free radicals which is in charge of the illness will be expelled.

9. This treatment produces narcotic impact in view of the pharmacological activity of the utilized prescription like Anti-fiery activity, Analgesic activity, muscle relaxant and so on and goes about as a counter aggravation which is the warm boost and may influence the torment sensation.

It likewise incites muscles unwinding and expands the effectiveness of muscle activity as the expanded blood supply guarantees the ideal condition for muscle constriction; it feeds the muscle, bone and nerve, ligament and greases up the joint and stop the denegation of the knee joint on account of the remedial activity of the prescription and method.