Greeva Vasthi

This treatment is identified with the neck torment and related agonizing conditions Neck torment is a typical excruciating state of the current world. Sitting before PCs, wrong stances while sitting, standing and resting, long separation going in stuffed neighborhood transports and prepares have added to expanding number of patients who endure with perpetual sore neck which can be intense or endless. It gives help from the torment and solidness related with neck torment and as a rule gives long time depended. It is frequently connected with different treatments relying upon the condition or kind of torment inorder to give better outcomes Griva Vasti is regularly joined with powerful medications like Nasya (nasal instillation of drugs), Abhyanga (knead with home grown oils), Patra Pinda Sweda (leaf bolus fomentation) and so forth .it gives a huge and obvious alleviation in numerous agonizing neck related conditions like Cervical spondylosis and so on.

Greeva Vasti – Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylosis and Neck torment

One of the real treatments in Ayurveda, Greeva vasti is the most concentrated treatment for neck torment and infections identified with cervical district. The methodology includes maintenance of warm cured oil over the neck locale for a stipulated timeframe. The treatment gives a stunning alleviation from the torment and firmness related with the neck torment or cervical spondylosis.

In Greeva Vasti a compartment (lodge or compound like structure) is built over the back of the neck region by utilizing flour of dark gram and the agony soothing sedated oils are pooled and held or kept in compartment for a settled term of time.

In Greeva Vasti cured oils are poured and pooled for a settled length of time in the lodge built over the neck or rear of the neck zone utilizing wet flour of dark gram, covering the cervical district over the neck bones. Most regular issue identified with neck torment we run over is Cervical spondylosis. But there are numerous all the more such conditions known as Spinal stenosis, Whiplash and so forth. There are different real conditions in which this treatment is helpful, for example, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis,Fibromyalgia Polymyalgia Rheumatica and so on.

Griva Basti Procedure :

Churna Pinda Sweda (Powder bolus fomentation) is set up with Herbal powders like – Rasnadi Churna, Kottamchukkadi Churna, Jatamayadi Churna, Ellumnishadi Churna, Grihadhoomadi Churna, Kolakulattadi Churna and so forth which is directed for two or three days before beginning Greeva Vasti as a piece of pre-treatment methodology .The powder is warmed on a container and tied in a sterile fabric in order to frame a bolus. Several such boluses are kept prepared. Back rub is given by the advisor to the low back with home grown oils took after by hot fomentation is given with the powder boluses. This is proceeded for 2-3 days .Depending on the treatment and state of the body it is frequently joined with different treatments, for example, Udwarthana and so on. Advantages of Greeva Vasti : Relieves pain,stiffness or swelling in the Neck,Shoulders and Upper appendages. Brings gentility and a feeling of wellbeing in the upper segment of the body Improves developments of the neck and upper appendages therefore empowering to move and work openly. Reinforces the neck, and upper bit. Improves blood supply to the neck and upper appendages. Gives help from headache,dizziness and so on.

The patient is made to lie look down on the treatment table (Droni). An airtight supply made of dark gram batter is developed on the neck. Cured tepid oil that mitigates torment and reinforces the bone and joint tissues is filled the space inside the store in a moderate consistent and constant stream. It is held there for a specific timeframe relying on the state of the patient. At the point when the oil chills off, it is crushed out with cotton dressing and the system is rehashed few times. Subsequent to expelling them, the influenced zone might be tenderly rubbed with a similar oil. The patient is then made to take rest for a brief timeframe. The treatment enhances dissemination, muscle and connective tissue quality, greases up the joints and advances its adaptability. The treatment reduces cervical spondylitis, firm neck, sore muscles, upper spinal pains and so on.

Medical advantages

Reduces agony and irritation

Lubricates the cervical joints

Stops the degeneration of cervical joints

Nourishes the muscles, bones and nerves of cervical region

Improves blood flow

Removes muscle fit and unbending nature

Reduces the deadness caused because of nerve pressure

With huge number of recuperating benefits, Greeva Vasti is a standout amongst the best Ayurvedic treatment for maladies identified with the Cervical area!


This treatment is prescribed when there indicate:

Pain and solidness in neck

Cervical spondylitis

Sore neck muscles

Headache and happiness

Referred torment in hands

Shoulder torment

Upper spinal pains