Footing is the utilization of a pulling power to treat muscle and skeleton disorders.Traction is typically connected to the arms and legs, the neck, the spine, or the pelvis. It is utilized to treat breaks, disengagements, and long-term muscle fits, and to forestall or amend distortions. Footing can either be here and now, as at a mischance scene, or long haul, when it is utilized as a part of a clinic setting. Footing fills a few needs: it adjusts the finishes of a break by maneuvering the appendage into a straight position it closes muscle fit it calms torment it takes the weight off the bone closures by unwinding the muscle There are two principle sorts of footing: skin footing and skeletal footing. Inside these sorts, many specific types of footing have been created to address issues specifically parts of the body. The utilization of footing is a demanding strategy that requires preparing and encounter, since erroneously connected footing can cause hurt. Situating the limit with the goal that the point of draw brings the closures of the crack together is fundamental. Expand strategies for weights, stabilizers, and pulleys have been produced to give the suitable power while keeping the bones adjusted and anticipating muscle fit. The patient's age, weight, and medicinal condition are altogether considered when settling on the sort and level of footing.