Indian Ayurvedic Head Massage - Siro Pichu (Retention of oil doused fabric over Head): Retention of oil-drenched cotton material on the head is called SIRO PICHU. Such oil maintenances mollify the nerves and mind cells and enhance the individual's memory levels. A solution rich mix of herbs, drain and oil is utilized for the treatment. With fitting meds, siro pichu additionally lessens Alzheimer'sdisease, cervical spondylosis, hemiplegia, facial loss of motion, restlessness.

SIRO Vasti Acylindrical calfskin top of around ten inches stature and having both the finishes open settled in position by methods for fabric belt a few creeps in width is tied around the head and dark gram glue is utilized for stopping the openings and filling the holes. Reasonable cured oil warmed to a tolerable degree is poured inside and permitted to stay for 60 minutes, until the point when the bodily fluid streams down through the nostrils. This treatment is very successful for hair fall, dandruff, facial loss of motion, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, extreme cerebral pains and other vatha (rheumatic) - related sicknesses.

Pichu is a palliative treatment for diseases of the head and spine. Amid this treatment, a long, thick layer of cotton fleece drenched with warm sedated oil is connected over the influenced territory. The oil is supplanted occasionally to keep it warm and remedial. Pichu, one of the Purvakarma treatments, is viewed as a viable treatment for sicknesses of the cranial nerves emerging from Vata issue. This treatment is exceptionally compelling for degenerative and agonizing spinal issues.

Gainful for

  • Mental Wellness
  • Battling incessant cerebral pain
  • Diminishes sleep deprivation
  • Treats mania
  • Neutralizes mind flights
  • Spinal and Nervous issues
  • Easing back torment
  • Treating osteo-joint pain
  • Calming Spondylitis
  • Curing degenerative wounds