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Covid Re-Life Therapy
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A throbbing painfulness related with the joints and solid skeleton are caused by exacerbation of Vata and Vata-pitta conditions. The warmth created in mollifies the disturbed vata along these lines diminishing the related agony instantly. Besides the upgraded blood supply because of hot maturation recuperates from solid agony.

Upgraded dissemination diminishes the oxidative pressure accordingly assuaging the psycho-physical manifestations of stress.

Little natural boluses (potlis) containing herbs, rice, sand and so forth are warmed and delicately beat over the body or particular parts of the body as required. Back rub gives dry warmth to exasperated Vata and vatakapha conditions.

Advantages :

  • Gives warmth and warmth to the more profound tissues of the boby.
  • Gives solid quality and help from torment /Provides muscular strength and relief from pain .
  • Quiets faculties and unwinds muscles bringing about de-stretch advantages/Calms senses and relaxes muscles resulting in de-stress benefits.