Madhuthilika Vasthi

The compound Mádhu-Tailika Vasti is alleged from the actualities of its being chiefly made out of Madhu (nectar) and Taila (oil).Due to its profoundly compelling outcomes in numerous diseases,it is otherwise called Siddha Vasti .It can be given to Sukumaras, Alpa dosha, Mridu Kosta and Snigdha Dehi No Adverse impacts are seen Used for Longer length Madhu and Taila are the vital fixings It is an exceptional Type of Vasti which can be given whenever. Yuktaratha Vasti. It is exhorted uniquely amid voyaging.

A decoction is readied which is a blend of medications or herbs like,Mustá, Páthá, Amritá (Guduchi),Tiktá, Valá, Rásná, Punarnavá, Manjislithá, Aragvadha, Us'ira, Tráyamáná, Gokshura and of those included inside the gathering of minor (Svalpa) Pancha-mula, and eight Madana natural products are overflowed with dilute to its quarter part. The decoction in this way arranged ought to again be overflowed with the admixture of a Prastha measure of drain. This blend is bubbled till the watery-part is totally vanished and the drain alone is abandoned. It is then stressed (through a bit of fabric) This (cooked) drain ought to is blended with nectar, cleared up spread and a Karsha measure each of the accompanying medications, viz., powdered S'atáhvá, Phalini (Priyangu) Yashti-madhu, Vatsaka, Rasánjana and Saindhava.

Advantages :

  • The utilization of the above in the way of a Vasti demonstrates corrective in Vata-rakta
  • Disposes of Urinary protestations ,Edema, Hemorrhoids, Gulma, Retention of pee
  • Valuable treatment for Hemorrhage (Rakta-Pitta), Erysipelas
  • Slackens the entrails and goes about as a vitalising tonic
  • It likewise stimulates the visual perception