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AYURVEDIC TREATMENT for sex disorder and disease


Common sexually transmitted disease often without symptoms. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Chlamydia is available below.

Chlamydia: Symptoms

Symptoms of chlamydia infection can vary among individuals. Some people, particularly women, experience no symptoms at all, especially in the early stages of the disease. However, serious permanent damage to the reproductive tissues and infertility can occur even in the absence of symptoms. Symptoms generally begin to occur one to three weeks after exposure to the infection. Symptoms of chlamydia infection in women include lower abdominal pain, painful or burning with urination, unusual vaginal discharge, and painful sexual intercourse. Symptoms of chlamydia infection in men include discharge from the penis, burning with urination, and testicular pain.

Common Symptoms of Chlamydia

No symptoms - many cases are asymptomatic (as many as 85% of female cases and 40% of male cases)

Vaginal discharge

Penile discharge

Anal discharge

Pain while urinating

Symptoms of a milder chronic infection:

Yellow vaginal discharge

Smelly vaginal discharge

Lower abdominal pain

Lower back pain

Lower abdominal pain worse during menstruation

Lower back pain worse during menstruation


Spotting after sex

Chlamydia: Misdiagnosis

A prompt diagnosis and treatment of chlamydia infection increases the chances of preserving fertility and preventing other complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, prostatitis, epididymitis, and ectopic pregnancy.

Chlamydia is simple to diagnose, but a diagnosis can be missed or delayed because there are often no symptoms in the earliest, most curable stage. Because of these factors, it is important to have regular medical care throughout a lifetime in order to maximize the chances of early diagnosis and treatment.

Chlamydia: Allopathy Treatments –Life Time

Treatment of chlamydia infection starts with prevention. Preventive measures include seeking regular medical care throughout your lifetime. Regular medical care allows your health care professional to best evaluate your risks of chlamydia infection and regularly test for the disease with a simple swab test. These measures greatly increase your chances of catching and curing the disease in its earliest stage before serious complications occur.

Other preventive measures include abstaining from sexual activity or having sex only within a mutually monogamous relationship in which either partner is infected with chlamydia or another sexually transmitted disease. Latex condoms also provide some protection when used properly.

Treatment for a chlamydia infection without complications includes oral antibiotic medication, such as azithromycin, doxycycline or erythromycin. It is also important to abstain from sexual activity until the infection is cured and to treat all sexual partners, even if they have no symptoms.

Hospitalization may be necessary if there are complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, abscess or high fever.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Chlamydia for permanent cure

Alternative treatments or home remedies that have been listed in various sources as possibly beneficial for Chlamydia may include:

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment

Holistic counseling in sexual and reproductive health is vitalMumbai: July 11 will be observed as World Population Day. As India's population cheerfully hurtles past the one billion mark with few signs of obating, Dr Mahinder C. Watsa, a gynaecologist with more than 25 years of experience in sex education and therapy, muses on how we can slow down.

What is India going wrong in its population policies?

There is no coordination among the various ministers and NGOs dealing with the same target population. For instance, the 15-30 year age group should be the focus not only of agencies ***with reproductive***and sexual behavior, but also teenage pregnancies, abortions, divorces, HIV\AIDS, substance abuse and other problems.

A coordinating body for the various ministries (for youth, social welfare, and health and family welfare) as well as NGOs dealing with the same target groups, would make a big difference. It's like the parable about the seven sticks. Individually, you can break each one, but together, they are unbreakable and much more effective.

How has our approach to reproductive health evolved in the last 50 years?

We are finally beginning to ask people what they need instead of telling them what we think they need. Along with the panchayatiraj and community awareness, this is beginning to make a difference.

Moreover, our focus has evolved from mother and infant to reproductive and sexual health. So, while earlier only married women and their babies were catered to now we include the girl child, adolescents, single women and older women as well as men.

What should our priorities be today?

Holistic counseling in sexual and reproductive health, overall health and personality development are our greatest needs today. Unfortunately, it gets very low priority from the government and educational institutions. I am a consultant to the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI), one of the biggest voluntary agencies almost every state, as well as youth counseling and leadership programmes.

With rising teenage pregnancies, some American schools introduced an innovative programme in which teenagers took turns looking after the infant of a teen mother. They got so sick of the constant bawling and changing hippies that they realised their responsibilities as well as the dangers of casual sex. How far has sex education progressed in Mumbai?

Not that far, I'm afraid. We did a national survey of educated urban youth in 1990 and 1994 that revealed an acute need for information and counseling. When we held workshops, the youngsters said," Our mothers never told are these things." Soon the mothers came and said they wanted work-shops for themselves too. Such is our level of ignorance.

But the resistance to introducing sex education in schools continues. We tackle that by making sex education part of a holistic health and personality development programme. This includes general knowledge quizzes, role play and sessions on personal hygiene and leadership development to inculcate the right values and attitudes towards the opposite sex.

For instance, a teenager's peers may label him a sissy if he won't accompany them to visit a prostitute. Many teenagers visit prostitutes just to find out" If they're okay". With information and guidance, they can make responsible decisions.

Also, some teachers are uncomfortable discussing sex with students. Adolescents often have a crush on a teacher, and if she starts talking about sex, they go bananas. So a trained counselor visits schools and answers anonymous questions put in a special box.

Moreover, we must acknowledge the Christian community's excellent initiatives in premarital counseling and marriage enrichment programmes.

Are there achievements we should be proud of, but discredit?

India was among the earliest nations to legalize abortions. Yet, today, there are far more 'illegal' abortions than legal ones. People prefer uncertified gynaecologists to abortion clinics because they are made to feel so ashamed. There is no counseling for the clinic staff itself. The first questions a patient is asked is, "Naam kya hai? Kaise ho gaya?"--- the last thing the patient wants to answer.

But we must also give credit to the BMC's sex education programmes and NGO efforts. For instance, FPAI has regular programmes for 30 non-allopathic doctors volunteers who run clinics in Mumbai's slums, offering counseling and services in sexual and reproductive health. They do excellent work, but usually go unsung.

So, does development remain the best contraceptive?

That is true in the long run. In the short run.IN the short run, there is no substitute for education and counseling.

Sexual healing

While many may relate sex to simple 'fun', it also comes along with a bundle of health benefits. Read on to find out


Many studies conducted have found that sex lowers blood pressure levels and also reduces the overall stress rates. A report submitted to the journal Biological psychology found that those who had frequent intercourse showed a better capacity to deal with stressful situations. Another study conducted found a connection between frequent hugs and lower blood pressure in women.


Studies have shown that those who have regular sex once or twice every week have higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA . And those who have higher levels of such an antibody are better protected from infections like common cold.


Many may not realize but sex requires a great deal of physical stamina and is an excellent work out. Moreover, the 'fun' part doesn't make it feel like an exercise at all! Statistics suggest that merely 30 minutes of sex burns approximately 85 calories or even more in some cases. Doesn’t sound much? Look at it from a long term perspective. Indulge in sex regularly and about 42 half-hour sessions will have you burning about 3570 calories, more than enough to lose a pound.


Research has shown that having sex for about a week drastically reduced the risks of a fatal heart attack by almost 50 per cent in all men compared to those who had sex only once a month. While many elder folk relate sex to stroke, research doesn’t show any such connection among those who enjoy good health.


Most people look at sex as effective mechanism for boosting their self-esteem. A great performance in bed works wonders not only for men, but also for women. In fact, those who enjoy high levels of self-esteem further indulge in sex to make them feel even better. A word of caution when boosting self-esteem in this case is that the sexual experience must make you feel loved and connected to your partner.


Those bouts of orgasm not only work in the 'pleasure' aspect but also increase levels of oxytocin, also known as the 'love hormone' which plays an important role in building trust between partners. The higher oxytocin has also been linked with a feeling of generosity. So, the next time you feel a lot more generous and loved, you know who to credit.


As oxytocin increases, it increases the endorphins and that in the process pain. Hence, the next time you are dealing with headache or maybe arthritis pain, the solution lies in moments of intimacy and increasing those levels of oxytocin. In an unusual study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, volunteers who inhaled oxytocin vapour experienced lower levels of pain.


Men in early 20s who experience frequent ejaculation do themselves more benefit than they realise. Ejaculation often removes any canorous cells (if present) in the prostate and makes way for the healthy ones.


Among women, doing some pelvic floor muscle exercises (also known as kegels exercise) during sex has many benefits. It helps women experience far more pleasure and also strengthens the area. In later stages of life, it reduces risk of incontinence.


The oxytocin hat is released during orgasm also helps you sleep better, says research. And all of us know that here's nothing as healthy a good night’s sleep. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and also stabilises blood pressure. So women, if you are still wondering why your man is actie when having sex and snoring the next moment, this may be the answer.

High on the Love Hormone

Oxytocin: It has been called the love hormone, the cuddle chemical and liquid trust. Oxytocin is the essence of affection, the hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain that bonds parent to child, lover to lover, friend to friend, and it could soon be unleashing its powers far and wide.

Easy Labour: Best known for its role in reproduction, it's released in large amounts after distension of the cervix and vagina during labour, facilitating birth and breastfeeding.

Big O: It also reportedly heightens feelings of intimacy after sex. Right after your big O, you'll be practically swimming in oxytocin. Mr So-So becomes Mr Oh-So-Fabulous because the hormone stimulates a strong emotional connection to the person. So, the more you see him, the more you fall in love with him, and expect him to be doing the same. (So guys only in it forthe casual fling, watch out!)

Wonder Drug: In addition to stimulating female and male sexual behavior, oxytocin diminishes pain, depression, aggression and stress hormone release, lowers blood pressure, counteracts addiction and drug withdrawal, modulates appetite and digestive processes, promotes healing of wounds and. Wow!... alleviates menstrual cramps too.

Liquid Trust: Now it Seems it may have a positive effect on shy people too. Scientists say tests have shown that oxytocin reduces anxiety levels in users. Some tout it as an elixir that makes you more like able, trustworthy and attractive. Research also suggest that oxytocin may reduce symptoms of autism. Researchers are working on a spray version for the market.


Many sexual disorders often go undetected, marring your sex life in the long run.Dr. Rajan Bhonsale lists some lesser-known yet equally troublesome sex maladies


It's a medical condition where the foreskin gets entrapped behind the glands and can’t be slid back to its usual flaccid position. If the condition persists for a long time (several hours) or if there's any sign of lack of blood supply, it should be treated as a medical emergency as it can result in complications, including gangrene.

Paraphimosis can be reduced with the aid of a lubricant. This requires compressing the glands gently and moving the foreskin back to its normal position, using a lubricant. If manipulation fails, the foreskin may have to be but of excised by circumcision surgery.


A minor curvature in the penis is common. However, if it curves gradually with time and is also accompanied by pain on erection, it could be due to Personae's Disease. First described by French doctor Francois dela Peyronie, the disease is characterized by the formation of a 'plaque' beneath the penis' skin which causes pain, curvature and distortion, usually during erection. The treatment choices are very limited. The objective is mainly to maintain normal sexual function and help relieve pain. Invariably , surgery is the only effectual treatment.


"Blue balls' is a condition characterised by pain, discomfort and aching of the genital typically after sexual arousal. Though uncomfortable, it is not a disease, nor is it dangerous or harmful.

Blue balls’ classically results when sexual arousal is not followed by ejaculation/orgasm due to which the pooled blood takes longer to leave the generals. This could cause some discomfort and/or pain for the man and can only be relieved by orgasm/ ejaculation. Masturbation is therefore the simplest and the best way out.

Blue balls is an excuse adolescent boys occasionally use to persuade their girlfriends into having sex calming that the only way they can avoid the pain is to climax via intercourse. Girls need to understand that they can always decline as simple masturbation can be of equal help.


'Crabs is the colloquial term for 'pubic hair lice' Millions of people suffer from this. These public lice appear like crabs under a microscope but can also be viewed by the naked eye. They are quite different from head or body. It's possible to get infested from infected clothing, bedding or toilet seats, and of course, via physical (sexual contact. Crabs and their nits can be easily destroyed by local application of medications and shampoos.


Inducing a deficiency of oxygen in the brain via self-applied suffocation methods during masturbation is known as auto-erotic asphyxiophilia. Some adolescents discover that they can enhance their arousal and orgasmic pleasure by clocking their oxygen supply via suffocation. It almost always remains a secret until they die accidently. Almost 500 and 100 deaths occur annually in the US from this dangerous form of masturbation.

The hindrance of blood supply to the brain can heighten sensations as it induces lightheadedness, giddiness and exhilaration. This technique may provide excitement but it also dampens one's judgment and self-control, often resulting in accidental death.


Coital cephalalgia or 'benign orgasmic headache' is a rare type of headache experienced at the base of the skull during sexual activity, before or after orgasm. Its more prevalent in men, by a ratio of 3:1. The headaches have a sudden onset, but some aggravate gradually during intercourse and others occur almost instantly at the moment of orgasm. These headaches classically last for a few minutes to a few hours.

One in every ten men, taking medication for erectile dysfunction experiences such headaches. As treatment, a doctor may recommended medications such as propranolol that can be taken in advance of sexual activity.


Venereal warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection. They are flesh growths found on or around the genitals and d anus. The warts are usually painless, but can itch, get inflamed and may bleed. They aren't always visible, especially . If inside the vagina, particularly on the cervix, or in the anus. Many suffering from HPV have no symptoms, and unknowingly pass on the virus. Condoms don't protect against HPV. Symptoms (warts or lesions ) usually appear three to eight months after contact with an infected individual.

HPV is the most important risk factor for 'cancer of the cervix.' practically all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV. Regular 'Pap smear' examination helps in early detection and treatment of pre-cancerous cell changes. HPV infection can never be completely cured. The treatment primarily aimed at removing the warts, reducing the number of viral particles and possibly stimulating the immune response to help control the infection.


Certain illnesses and surgeries can often send your sex life for a toss. Dr. Rajan Bhonsle tells you things you must bear in mind to reclaim the sheen

Every illness takes its toll on one’s sex life. Apart from the damage to the body, one feels apprehensive, anxious or even depressedabout the lack of sexual intimacy. Even after recovery, many often refrain from sex citing reasons such as 'it's too strenuous/risky or 'I might hurt myself. However, most of the times , the fear is baseless, leading to performance anxiety and thus psychogenic importance. Here's how to reclaim your sex life after:


Coronary Artery Diseases(CAD) are becoming common among men in 30s and even in late 20s-the prime years of sexual involvement. Once detected with CAD, the coronary angiography, angioplasty and in some cases coronary bypass surgery is performed to rectify the problem. In spite of these procedures, men still have a strong sexual desire. Within few days, cardiologists encourage patients to get on with a regular exercise regimen. If you can walk a mile a climb a flight of stairs without distress you can safely have sex.

Post surgery, couples are afraid to talk about their feelings, fears, needs and concerns. The imagined fear of the person dying of a heart attack during sex is quite common.

Angioplasty makes the coronary arteries open up and makes the heart function normally. If you are back to your routine, and if you are feeling comfortable and healthy, these is no reason for you to hold yourself back when it comes to sex.


Erectile dysfunction is very commonly seen in those suffering from diabetes mellitus. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction in diabetes ranges from 35 to 75 per cent. Uncontrolled diabetes affects the blood vessels as well as causes neuropathy, due to which one finds it difficult to have an erection.

Once your diabetes is under control by preventive measures such as proper diet correct medications and a regular 40 minute brisk walk, the erectile problem may get corrected itself. If not, it will still be easier to treat it even separately.


Normally, a man should be able to pull back his foreskin, enough to expose the whole of the 'glans penis'. This may wither happen on its won on complete erection or one may have to do it manually before penetration. Both ways it is normal. If the retraction of the foreskin is painful, it may require circumcision. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. It's small surgery in which the foreskin covering the glans-penis is removed. The patient is sent home the same day after a couple of hours. The wound heals in seven to ten days. However, the person must refrain from intercourse for a about four to six weeks after the surgery.


During this phase of a woman's life, she passes from the reproductive to the non-reproductive years. During menopause, estrogen levels fall and women experience vaginal dryness, therefore taking much longer to be aroused, with a resultant difficulty in achieving climax. Artificial lubricants can be used to easily counter this problem. Because pregnancy can still occur during this period, use of contraception should be continued for one year after the last menstrual period.

Women often presuppose that sex life is over at menopause and resign to sexless destiny. This tendency is further fueled by jokes, folklore and the glorification of youth by the society. But that's far from truth.

Sex enhances boding even among older couples, besides being a good form of exercise. It also helps the body produce endorphins that boost the immune system, and give us a natural high. Relaxing and breathing together promotes a feeling of oneness between loving partners, adding a spiritual dimension to life. And that's the secret of goof health. Let nature take its natural course without your presuppositions.


The uterus has no role to play in the sexual act Therefore its removal does not hamper the woman's or the man's sexual pleasure. It is the clitoris and the outer 1/3rd of the vagina that perceives pleasurable sexual stimuli and remains untouched during hysterectomy.

It is the hormones secreted in the ovaries that determine feminine qualities and instincts and the ovaries and instincts and the ovaries are not removed in most hysterectomy operations. The benefits of a healthy sexual relationship can even accelerate and complement recovery from many physical illnesses.


Q How to treat Erectile Dysfunctions?

A. Erectile Dysfunction are of three types according to its origin:

a. Psychological b. physiological c. Mixed i.e; combination of a and b. to 80% cases are of mixed variety.

B. Treatment procedure is this:

1. History: Proper general and sexual history taking is a the most important diagnostic and therapeutic. Proper privacy and good rapport with the patient is necessary.

2. Assessment of the degree of the inefficient reactions: Many internationally recommended scales can be used for such an assessment but if inconclusive, an intracorporal vasoactive drug test can be done as an OPD procedure.

3. Investigations for the precipitating a factors e.g; Metabolic syndrome, Hormonal Status etc.

4. Treatment of the precipitating diseases, e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension Hypeprolactinemia etc.

5. Counseling, especially sexual counseling: e.g. "what to do after you get an erection ", Correction of sexual misinformation etc

C. Prognosis: Counseling, with concurrent treatment of the precipitating factors, brings satisfactory results in above 90% cases, failure is mainly due to:

a. Irrational outcome expectation of the patients, b. usage of erection medicines without counseling e.g. prescribing an erection medicine to a patient having poor sexual desire or no sexual arousal etc. and c. medical treatment in surgical cases.

Patience and time is essential in sexual health practice.

An affordable cure for erectile dysfunction

Mumbai: When 22-year-old Karan (name changed) fell from a moving truck near Matunga five years ago, and injured his urethra-the membranous canal that carries urine-repeated infection and surgeries resulted in erectile dysfunction (ED). An implant would have set him back by at least Rs.70,000, a route that was too expensive for him. But now, the cure to erectile dysfunction need not be restricted to the rich. In the city's public hospitals, a team of teachers are making it possible for the city’s poor to beat andropause blues, at affordable rates.

On Monday morning, Karan will get a silicone implant, all for a medical bill of Rs.10,000. "A child is the only one whom we can call our own. I want to marry in order to have a child. This will let me fulfill my dream of getting married and having a child," says the unlettered vendor who hails form Mau district in UP.

Says Dr.Sujata Patwardhan, who heads the urology department of KEM Hospital:"Penile implants are expensive. A few American implants costs around Rs.2 lakh. We offer Indian prosthesis that have been in use since 1994 and have shown good results." The public hospital programme only charges for the prosthesis; operation and hospital could cost over half a lakh.

Dr. Patwardhan started the penile implant programme during her earlier stint at BMC's other medical school Sion Hospital , a few years ago. Between the two hospitals, her team has conducted 14 operations that have benefitted truck drivers, labourers , among others."Soon, both hospitals will have independent implant programmes,"

In December, kurla-based cobbler Abdul, a father of two, becam KEM's first penile implant patient. “He has been so happy with the results that he brough chappals as gifts for us," says Dr.Patwardhan.

Erectile dysfunction is usually a symptom of an underlying disease such as heart problem, diabetes or hypertension."Considering that India has the largest number of diabetes cases, one can gauge the burden of erectile dysfunction . Roughly 10-20% of ED patients need an implant but barely 1% can afford it," says andrologist Dr.Rupin Shah, who devised the Indian penile prosthesis in 1994. He has since used it in roughly 150 patients each year.

His first patient for the desi implant was a young teacher at Bhatia Hospital who has since fathered two daughters and his oldest is an 82-year-old from Assam."According to a study done in Gujarat, 20% of the men over 40 years had ED while 90% over 70 had ED. It is a sign of an underlying disease that is best treated at the earliest," adds Dr.Shah, who is attached to Lilavati Hospital.

Dr. Shailesh Raini, urologit from Jaslok Hospital, says that the need for implants have come down since Viagara hit the shelves."But there are those who have an irreversible ED and they need implants," he says, adding that "they, work, whether imported or Indian".

Erectile dysfunction cure for only Rs.10K

Mumbai: Street vendor Karan has never heard of the term implants, let alone a penile one. Considering that he earns Rs.100 on a "good day" he could never have afforded those expensive synthetic fillers, priced between Rs.70,000 and Rs. 2 lakh, to cure erectile dysfunction. But, on Monday morning, he will get a silicone implant that could change his life forever. All for a medical bill of Rs.10,000.Karan says doctors will use a "pipe" for him, but it is actually a made-in-India penile prosthesis that urologists at KEM Hospital, Parel, will implant. Within two months, his inability to sustain an erection will be history.Karan's case is a pointer to how , in the city's public hospitals, a team of dedicated doctors are making it possible for the common man to beat andropause blues at affordable rates.

Erectile dysfunction linked to heart disease

Having problems in bed? Go for a heart check-up, for a new study has found a link between erectile dysfunction and coronary artery calcification which is a known predictor of future cardiovascular events. Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have carried out the study and found that men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) are at an increased risk of high coronary artery calcification scores (CACS). For the study, the researchers evaluated 1,119 men enrolled in the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program, 327 of which had ED. The researchers learned that after adjusting for other disorders, men with ED had a 54% greater likelihood of having a high-risk CACS than men without ED. The increased risk was similar to that of patients with a history of hypertension and smoking.

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