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City docs wave the magic wand for speedy cure

Coblation wand Method

Conditions it Can Be Used For To cure herniated disc, tonsils, cancerous growths in throat and tongue, growth in mouth and nose

How does it work:

Coagulation Method Using radiofrequency, it can impart 40°C to 70°C to the problem area and shrinks it Suction Channel Method The wand disintegrates the growth gradually and sucks the diseased cells out

Success Rate
COAGULATION METHOD 60 out of 100 People recovered SUCTION CHANNELAll the patients were cured COSTBetween Rs 40,000 and Rs 1L

Mumbai: Thirty-two-year-old Imtiaz Siddiqui would give sleepless nights to his entire family-his loud snores would often wake them up from deep slumber. Finally, after a visit to the doctor, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. However, Siddiqui;s problems was not only because of the S-shaped nasal bone, but also tonsils. And for cure, he opted for the new collation technique surgery, which took much less time than usual and also helped him recover fast. While coblation is no more a novelty in the US,doctors in the city are gradually adopting the new technology that can be used in two ways. Dr. Ram chaddha, a spine surgeon at Lilavati Hospital, explains how the technique can be used to correct spine discts."Sometimes, the discs of the spine grow slightly on one side and starts pressing the nerves(herniated disc), which causes excruciating pain in the back. In the new technique-coagulation method-a coblation wand is inserted in the nucleus o the disc.hen imparts heat of 40°C to 70°C to the surrounding area, shrinking the growth. This method curses a herniated disc and alos other spinal problems," he said. In the second method, the coblation wand can be used as a suction tube." With the coblation wand, we can remove tonsils, tumours and other unwanted or cancerous growths in throat, mouth,nose or ears. All we have to do is put the wand on the problem areas and it disintegrztes the disease cells and sucks them out," said Dr Prabodh Karnik, ENT surgeon at Nanaavati Hospital. "I underwent the surgery on December 28. I was kept under observation for a day and then I was discharged. I haven’t had a problem after that. I could start eating food four days later," said Imtiaz. However, the surgery comes at a high price. "The instrument alone costs around Rs.4.5 lakh. Plus, each wand, each costing Rs 15,000, is used only once. This makes the total cost of the treatment anywhere between Rs 40,000 and Rs 1 lakh," said Dr Karnik. "The technique was successful for 60 out of 100 people in Germany. However, it's not a permanent cure; a person treated for herniated disc may have a relapse after a few years. But if one takes are to modify day-to-day lifestyle, they might not need to come back again," said Dr.Chaddha, who plans to adopt the tehcnique soon. Dr Karnik already used the coblation method for two surgeries. "The coblation method takes hardly 15 minutes to remove a tonsil," said Dr Paul Jervis, an otolorayngologist from the UK.

Visit to dentist just got less painful

Forget Drills, Cold Plasma Jet The New Tool To Fight Tooth Decay

Washington: Plasma jets capable of obliterating tooth decaycausing bacteria could be an effective and less painful alternative to the dentist's drill, according to a new study published in the February issue of the Journal of Medical Microbiology. In the study, researchers found that firing low temperature plasma beams at dentine-the fibrous tooth structure underneath the enamel coating-reduced the amount of dental bacteria by up to 10,000-fold. The findings means that plasma technology could be used to remove infected tissue in tooth cavities. Researchers at the Leibniz Institute of Surface Modifications, Leipzig and dentists from the Saarland University, Homburg, Germany, tested the effectiveness of plasma against common oral pathogens including Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus casei. These bacteria form films on the surface of teeth and are capable of eroding tooth enamel and the dentin below it to cause cavities. If left untreated it can lead to pain, tooth loss and sometimes severe gum infections. In the study, researchers infected dentin from extracted human molars with four strains of bacteria and then exposed it to plasmajets for 6, 12 or 18 seconds. The longer the dentin was exposed to the plasma the greater the amount of bacteria that were eliminated. Plasmas are known as the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases and have an increasing number of technical and medical applications. Plasmas are common everywhere in the cosmos, and are produced when high-energy processes strip atoms of one or more of their electrons. Stefan Rupt from Saarland University, who led the research, said that the recent development of cold plasmas that have temperatures of around 40°C showed great promise for use in dentistry.

Looking after your teeth naturally

BT lists some home remedies to get sparkling white teeth Do you feel envious when you see Julia Roberts or Madhuri Dixit-Nene flaunt their million-dollar smile? Nothing like a smile can light up your face and pull one out of a tricky situation. However, for a good smile, one needs to sport a good set of teeth. After all, nothing is more embarrassing and disturbing than a set of ugly teeth sticking out every time you smile. Teeth could be naturally discolored or may become so by repeated exposure to beverages like tea, coffee or red wine and also smoking. and medications. While many spend thousands to recover that lost enamel using clinically approved teeth whitening products, at home teeth whitening techniques can also be used for the pearly whites. Here are some natural treatments and remedies, which will also keep your teeth healthy. Massage the teeth area using a combination of mashed strawberries and sage leaf, and rinse it out. This helps you obtain natural white shining teeth. Lime juice, when mixed with baking soda, is one of the best options for natural teeth whitening. Wiping your teeth using cotton soaked in baking soda and lemon juice mixture also works wonders. Toasts (usually burnt0 are often applied on teeth. In the past, the mixture of ground burnt bits, some powder and flavored oil, were used as toothpaste to get sparking white teeth. Massage, lemon peels over the surface of your teeth and rinse thoroughly to whiten your teeth. Raw and crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and broccoli also act as tooth cleaners. For sparking teeth, brushing of teeth once a day with table salt, lime juice and rough ash got from burning paddy husk is also suggested.Try do drink as much of water and milk in a day as you can. This will help you in getting better results, naturally.


And there are other health benefits too! Kissing can be one of the most intimate, sensual, and fun thing two individuals can share. You can do with another person. In fact, a great kiss can make the world dissolve. But the benefits of kissing are much more than just being romantic. Here is some interesting trivia on one of the most pleasurable activities.There are a lot of scientific facts behind kissing. In fact, kissing is an art and its study is called philematology. A study on hundred of couples kissing concluded that two-thirds of people turn to their right when kissing. Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) that are released when you engage in intense exercise such as running a marathon or skydiving. This causes your heart to beat faster and your breathing to become deep and irregular. Good way to tone down the fats! It helps reduce tooth decay by increasing the production of saliva, which results in a clean mouth and thereby preventing tooth decay. You don't need a dentist anymore! It has been observed that kisses came out right in the dark. Reason: Our brain has special neurons that help kissers probe each other's lips in the dark.

Background of Thyroid Through

The health problem of the thyroid gland dysfunction has already become more and more serious in modern society, influencing the health of 600 million people in the world. Specialized endocrinosis clinics are full of patients with thyroid problems, and patient's age range has become younger and younger .The youngest patient is as low as 3 months.Though the survey report from Britain shows constantly that the patient of the thyroid gland disease has already far exceeded than that of the diabetes. However, the thyroid gland patients and citizens still know little about the knowledge of this kind of disease. A lot of people who see a doctor have similar experience. When he/she was told that he/she was suffering hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism,or thyroid nodules, he/she wanted to know more about the diseases. A lot of doctors will keep silent and only tell them a lot of digits, such as T3, T4, or TSH. The patients do not have any way to know deeply about the development of the disease. Although some patients' T3 and T4 levels return to normal, they still have a lot of obvious symptoms, such as bulging of eyes, irritable, neck swelling . Doctors tell them it is unnecessary to take notice of, and then stop the treatment. Such treatments focus on figures only, with no regard of the real recovery of the patient's body and mind. And this will cause the disease to recur constantly.

Chinese Medicine bring a new concept of treatment to Thyroid Diseases

Green Life Herbal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., together with the famous experts of internal medicine of thyroid gland from China Academic Organization, study the thyroid diseases thoroughly for more than 10 years. We find that both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are caused by the same problem: The disorder of secretion in Hypothalamus - Pituitary - Thyroid gland this axis.

The "block" of hormone secretion can be commonly classified as two types:

a) For hyperthyroidism, patient 'thyroid gland is "unilateral". Either the left or the right side of thyroid gland cannot work properly (block). The thyroid gland of the patients will be swelled and enlarged in the "block" side. In some cases, goiter can be observed by ultrasound.b) For hypothyroidism, patients' thyroid gland is "bilateral". That means both side of thyroid gland are getting problem in hormone secretion that cause insufficent hormone secreted. Such patients have to take thyroid hormone replacement (Thyroxine) forever under Western Treatment.Thyroid Throu, The word "Throu" (Through) in Chinese Herbalist means flowing smoothly and work properly in body. This mechanism brings a new concept of the treatment to thyroid diseases. Ayurvedic Treatments for Thyroid Throu for permanent cureAlternative treatments or home remedies that have been listed in various sources as possibly beneficial for "Thyroid Throu" may include:

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment

Low thyroid? May be a sign that you will live to be a 100

Washington: Low thyroid activity, one of the most treated conditions in the US, may actually be a sign of longevity, researchers reported.

While they said it was far too soon for people taking thyroid pills to stop, they will be looking to see if the thyroid may hold the key to a longlife, at least for some people.

Martin Surks and colleagues at the Montefiore Medical Centre and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York studied hundreds of people who had lived to be 100, and found evidence that people with low thyroid activity were more likely to be in that group. "We studied a large group of Ashkenazi Jews with exceptional longevity," Surks said at a meeting of the Endocrine Society, specialists in human hormones. They used a large national survey of health to see what the average hormone leaves are for people of various ages.

The thyroid, located in the neck, is a kind of master gland, secreting hormones that affect metabolism. Doctors usually check its activity by an indirect measure-looking at levels of TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone.

High TSH levels suggest the thyroid is underactive a condition known as hypothyroidism. Low levels suggest it is overactive, known as thyroid function may lose hair, gain weight and furl sluggish, while those with overactive thyroids may lose weight, feel their hearts race and have trembling hands. Both can be easily treated with daily pill. Surks and colleagues found 15 to 20 percent of people over the age of 60 had TSH levels that suggest an underactive thyroid gland. He told the meeting he believed that may be normal for older people and may in fact be a sign of longevity.

Metabolic rate affects lifespan in animals. For instance, elephants have slow metabolic rated, slow heartbeat, and can live for just months. It may be, Surks said, that people with low thyroid function in old age were "elephants" with a slow metabolism who can live longer, as compared to "mice" with fast metabolic rates.

Splint support

Splint an appliance that joints two or more teeth to provide support GUM disease impair tooth support. As a consequence, teeth may loosen and the bone around the teeth may be subjected to additional damage. Increasing the support of loose teeth may also increase their firmness; the device used for such treatment is the splint. A splint is any appliance that joint two or more teeth to provide support.

Choice of Splint

The choice depends on: Severity of mobility Stage of treatment involved The anticipated outcome Location and distribution of missing and carious teeth Functional and aesthetic needs Cost Common Types of Splints External Splints: These are splints that are bonded on to the external surface of teeth.They include: Ligatures: A satisfactory means of stabilizing front teeth. Splints of enamel bonding material: These splints are cosmetic, wearily durable and well tolerated by the patient. Incisal edge splint: It is used for lower incisors. Welded band splints: Are useful for temporary stabilization of back teeth. Continuous clasps: These are simple splints which may be seated or removed in the fashion of a partial denture or they can be ligated to place. Night guards: Are special splints used or alleviation of bruxism and clenching as well as their deleterious influence. They are made of acrylic and completely cover the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Internal Splint: Internal splints require preparation of teeth to be splinted. They include acrylic composite resin with or without embedded wire or amalgam with ion embedded wire and acrylic or acrylic and gold splints. Surgical Splint: A prosthesis designed to use existing teeth and / or alveolar processes (tooth bearing bone ) as points of anchorage to assist in statbilisation and immobilization of broken bones during healing splint (used in cases of fractures of jaws)

Indication for Splinting

Flowing accidental loosening of teeth by trauma As a supporting measure for other treatment procedures To avoid dislodging teeth prior to and during reconstructive procedures. For anchorage (support ) in orthodontic therapy Splinting is contraindicated unless it is necessary for the comfortable maintainability the teeth. Hypermobility in itself is not an indication for splinting. The difficultly of cleaning splinted teeth is reason enough to splint only when it is needed. Splinting may be used as insurance against future problems if the risk of not splinting is determined to be high. However, such a decision should be made only after thorough evaluation of all the factors. Why splint? Mobility is reduced immediately Forces received by any one tooth are distributed to a number of teeth Migration and over eruption are prevented. Chewing efficiency may be improved Discomfort and pain are eliminated Appearances may be improved Worth a million dollars: The formula for that perfect smile London: A perfect smile depends not only upon the whiteness of a person's teeth but a number of other factors also, say scientists. Dr Nicholas Davis of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in Southern California says that right size and width of each tooth, right curve, colour and shape of teeth, and the overall width of the mouth are the factors which together contribute to a lovable smile. He feels that the whiteness of the teeth should match the whites of the eyes, else the smile rest of the face. " One of the first things about a smile people notice is the colour," the 'Daily Mail' quoted Dr Davis, as saying. "People are bleaching their teeth and many times they do it beyond what is natural. The teeth should be the same colour as the whites of your eyes. If the teeth are too white, they become more dominant than the eyes," he added. Describing his formula for a perfect smile in the journal 'Dental Clinics of North America', Davis said that the ideal width of a smile should not be less than half the width of the face, and both upper and lower lips should be symmetrical each side of the mid-line of the face. He says that the top row of teeth should be dominant, while very little should be seen of the bottom row. Davis also says that all the teeth on display should be straight, and there should not appear any signs of restoration work. Exactly how long the central teeth should be varies, but they are too long if they interfere or impinge on the lower lip. The back teeth should diminish in size from front to back.While the width of the central teeth should be 50% of their height, the laterals should be 61.8% the size of the bigger teeth. Gums are important, and to avoid a horsey smile, very little should be seen. Their colour is critical, and should be a healthy pale pink. Dr Oliver Harman, a London-based dentist whose clients include Catherine Zeta-Jones, recommends regular 'mouth manicures' to remove stains. He says that it is not necessary to rectify all imperfections with expensive cosmetic dentistry. The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked respondents for a latest survey how they felt about their smiles. Apparently, 32% said they were 'concerned by the look of their teeth', while nearly 20% 'usually conceal their teeth in photos'. A mere 25% said they were completely happy with the way their smile looked. Davis said Jessica Simpson, who starred in the 2005 film The Dukes Of Hazzard, had most people's idea of the perfect smile. "Jessica is the one we get asked to reproduce the most,' he said. According to the BACD survey, Kylie Minogue pipped Julia Roberts for the best smile, while George Clooney cleaned up in the men's section. Last week, Ewan McGregor and Julia Roberts were crowned monarchs of the grin, by International Stress Management Association. The Winning grin: LIPS-Both lips should be symmetrical TEETH- Should be straight with no visible restorations. Two Central upper teeth to be the dominant feature and lower teeth hardly visible. WIDTH-Should be at least half the width of the face GUMS-Too much can give horsey' look. The lipline should show no more than 2 mm of gum.

Solving dental dilemmas

Dr.P.C. Jacob describes advanced methods to replace missing teeth Effect of tooth loss: Teeth shift so that the upper teeth no longer mesh with the lower ones. Chewing is difficult as well and teeth may be sore. Plaque builds up more easily as teeth crowd together, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease. If back teeth are lost, lips and cheeks can sink into vacant spaces, making you look older. TEETH impart beauty to the face, missing teeth not only cause problems with appearance, but make eating and speaking more difficult. Teeth at the back must also be replaced, as the loss of these teeth can lead to an altered bite, which may lead to collapse of facial features if a number of teeth are lost and not replaced. Teeth work together as a finely tuned machine with the upper an dlower teeth meshing with each other in a specific manner. Losing even one tooth could be the start of serious problems if it is not replaced promptly. Tooth loss has many causes, the most common being decay, gum disease and injury. Teeth can be replaced using three methods, either with the help of implants, bridges or dentures. The method selected will depend on the condition of the adjacent teeth and gums, the number of teeth missing and the economic condition of the patient.


Implant are the latest technology available to help replace missing teeth. Implant therapy has been tremendously beneficial to patients who have been tremendously beneficial to patients who have been unable to wear, or do not want to wear, removable partial dentures or complete dentures. An implant is a device made of titanium, which is surgically inserted into bone. The area is then allowed to heal for a period of about four to six months, after which the artificial teeth can be constructed on them. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. Patients with multiple teeth missing who have been using fixed bridges or removable dentures are also good candidates for implants, provided they have sufficient bone present to place implants.

Implants are not for everyone

Dental implants are not the right restorative choice for all patients. For implants to be successful, case selection is very important. Firstly there must be sufficient healthy bone to support implants, or bone grafting may have to be done to create sufficient bone and the gums should be disease free. Patients with medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes and cancer, which affect the body’s ability to heal and repair itself are usually not good candidates for implants.


No cutting required for adjacent teeth Excellent aesthetics results can be obtained. In case of multiple missing teeth, patients do not have to wear a removable denture.


Treatment time six to eight months More expensive than removable dentures, comparable to conventional fixed bridges. Chance of failure, if case selection not done properly.

Bridges(Fixed Partial Denture)

Bridges are tooth replacements attached to adjoining natural teeth. They are best for people with a few missing teeth, either the font or the back teeth. To replace missing teeth with a bridge the adjoining teeth must be healthy and have good root and gum support. The two common types of bridges are the fixed bridges and the bonded (Maryland) bridges.

Conventional Fixed Bridge

The bridge can be made either in metal porcelain fused to metal or all porcelain, depending on the aesthetic requirements of the patient and the amount of load it will be subjected to. In a conventional bridge one or more artificial teeth are set between crowns placed over adjoining natural teeth. The dentist shapes the natural teeth to receive the crowns. This procedure normally takes two to three visits to be completed.


It has a long life Easy to Clean Improves the bite Improves aesthetics Helps prevent movement of adjacent and opposing teeth.


More tooth reduction required than for a resin bonded bridge. May be difficult to make it look natural in cases of excess bone of gum loss.

Bonded Fixed Bridge (Maryland Bridge)

A Maryland (bonded) bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth between metal wings. The anchor teeth are reshaped slightly and the wings are bonded to them. A bonded bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth between metal wings. The anchor teeth are reshaped slightly, and the wings are bonded to them using resin cement.


Requires less tooth reduction than conventional bridge. Does not require full crowns on either side of the missing teeth. Costs less than a conventional bridge.

Dis Advantages

May not last as long as a conventional bridge Less ability to alter shape and size of teeth Metal backing may show if teeth are thin. Gum can shrink around teeth, leaving empty spaces. Teething Problems There are many reasons why people delay dental treatment, the most common being myths. Most of the time, these myths convert a simple problem into a complicated one. As a dental surgeon, it's my pleasure to help dispel the following myths. Removal of upper jaw teeth affects vision.

Dental has removed away from extract to restoration. Only in rare conditions like severe gum disease is extraction resorted to. However, extraction does not lead to any problems with vision.Scaling or removal of tartar removes enamel and also loosens teeth.

After we eat, a thin sticky film (plaque) of material forms around the teeth, if this is not removed by brushing and flossing regularly, it absorbs calcium from the surrounding saliva and hardens to form tartar, which harbours harmful bacteria and leads to irritation of gums (gingivitis). If cleaning is not done at this stage, the tartar forms below the gums, leading to loss of surrounding bone (periodontitis). If periodontitis is not treated, it leads to loosened teeth and their eventual loss. Scaling is the process of removing tartar from around the teeth and below the gums. It is usually done using an ultrasonic scaler or using hand instruments. Enamel is not removed during this process. After scaling the patient will feel that there are spaces between the teeth. This is because the tartar was removed. There may also be sensitivity for a few days. Scaling must be done at least once a year in adults and children.

If I brush my teeth twice a day, I will not get any gum infection.Oral hygiene measures include brushing and flossing. However, even with this, it is necessary to get a scaling done once or twice a year to remove any tartar formed around teeth or below the gums. If this is not done for a number of years, gum infection can occur. Most adults above the age of 30 years are prone to gum infection. Diabetics, whose oral hygiene is poor, are also at risk. Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy. There is absolutely no harm in pregnant woman undergoing dental treatment. However, certain precautions need to be taken. Many physicians and dentists agree that dental care during the first trimester should be kept to the time when most of the foetal organs are developing. While dental treatment may not necessarily harm these organs, it is best to minimize any potential risk. It's better to opt for any dental treatment during the second trimester, as this is the period with minimum risk. During the second half of the third trimester, dental care should also be minimized. This is mostly due to the comfort to the expectant mother. There is a lot of hormonal imbalance in pregnant women. If routine cleaning of the teeth is not undertaken, it can lead to increased inflammation of the gums known as pregnancy gingivitis. Studies have shown a relationship because periodontal disease in the mother and increased chances of delivering a premature or low birth weight baby.

Women with periodontal disease may be 7 times more likely to have a baby that is too early and too small. Many women do not know that they have a periodontal infection, so an assessment prior to or early in pregnancy is a good idea.Milk teeth need not be treated since they will be replaced in a few years by permanent teeth. Deciduous or milk teeth are very important and must be kept until they are lost naturally. They have a number of important functions. They help maintain good nutrition by allowing the child to chew properly. They allow the child to develop good pronunciation and speech habits and to feel good about the way they look milk teeth also help guide the proper eruption or permanent teeth. If primary teeth are lost before time, the space should be maintained using a 'space maintainer' which will be recommended by the paediatric dentist. This will maintain the space for the permanent teeth to erupt. If the space is lost then it will affect the eruption of the permanent teeth, which may require extensive dental work later. Therefore, regular dental check-ups for children are a must, followed by good oral hygiene measures at home.

Root canal treatment is painful.

Root canal treatment doesn't cause pain; it relieves it. A lot of patients see their dentist only when they have severe toothache. The most common cause of toothache is the decay in a tooth that has affected the pulp (area of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels). Root canal treatment removes the infected tissue from the tooth and relieves pain. The perception that root canals are painful began decades ago, when the treatment was painful. But with anaesthetics and the current technology available, the treatment in no longer painful, except in very few cases.

Extracting teeth is a good alternative to root canal treatment.

Saving the natural tooth is definitely the best option. Root canal treatment along with a crown is a cost-effective way to treat teeth with damaged pulp and is definitely less expensive than extraction and placement of an implant or a bridge. If the root canal treatment is done properly, the tooth can last a lifetime, provided proper oral hygiene measures are taken. And the patient visits the dentist for regular follow-ups. need root canal treatment? Most teeth that need root canal treatment will have no pain. If the pulp is damaged or infected there may not be pain, but the tooth is dead and will require a root canal. A small ‘pimple’ may be visible in the gum near the tooth, from which pus may ooze. This is also a sign of infection and the tooth will have to undergo root canal treatment.

Once dentures are made, they will last forever.

While it's true that dentures are durable; they aren't any more permanent than eyeglasses. Dropping them even a few inches can break a tooth on the denture base. Even with conscientious care, dentures can lose their natural appearance and chewing ability. After a few years the bone under the dentures shrink, and the dentures will become ill-fitting. The maximum life of a denture is around five years, after which they must be changed.

Once you have dentures, you don’t need to see a dentist anymore.

This is probably the most common myth about dentures, and it's wrong for several reasons. You should see your dentist regularly for an oral examination, because your mouth is continually changing. Mouth tissue can reveal signs of diseases, such as diabetes, that first manifest themselves in the mouth. Besides checking your dentures, the dentist will check your mouth for signs of oral cancer, and examine your gum ridges, tongue and jaw joints.

Jaw-dropping feat

Path-breaking dental surgery gives 59-yr-old new dentures M.S. Naik, a resident of Kandivli, could not stop smiling when a mirror was held before him. The reason: He got 16 permanent teeth back after more than five years thanks to Dr.Suchetan Pradhan, who gave him an artificial lower jaw yesterday. It was the first artificial lower jaw surgery in India. Naik (59) lost all his teeth as a result of old age five years ago. He had been using artificial teeth since then. Dr. Pradhan, head of dental department of P D. Hinduja Hospital in Mahim, said, "Naik felt ashamed while using artificial teeth. The surgery has brought a smile to his face again."

He said, "This was the first ever implantation of artificial jaw in India after the technology was introduced in December last year. There are no stitches or cutting of gums in the surgery. It took one hour to complete." In the conventional method, implantation of a tooth takes at least three months and it is not possible to implant the complete jaw at the same time. After the surgery, Naik ate two slices of an orange. He said, "The surgery was painless. If I find the new teeth effective, I will implant the upper jaw also."

The surgery

A CT scan on Naik's lower jaw was done. The software Nobel Guide converted the CT scan images into three-dimensional images. The images were sent to a Sweden-based company, Nobel Biocare, via email. Based upon the images, the company made a template, which is called 'bridge' with the places marked to be drilled to fix implant. Dr.Pradhn placed the 'bridge' in Naik's mouh and drilled the places marked for implantation and fixed screws. Then he fixed teeth, made from metal Titanium.


If you are looking for specialized dental care under one roof, then Dr.Vijay Kadam, a dental practitioner who runs a chain of cosmetic dental clinics in Goregaon, Malad and Andheri, for over a decade could be of some good help. He says that his motto is to give latest and specialized dental treatment under one roof. His clinic renders services including implants, gum surgeries, smile designing, paediatric dentistry and orthodontics, to name a few. He answer a few questions for BT.

What are dental implants and how are they useful?

Dental implants have proved to be a boon to dentistry. They are fixed prosthetic replacement ot teeth. It gives an improved, aesthetic touch to the teeth. Implants can be of much use to elderly patients as it helps in chewing effortlessly.

Tell us about cosmetic dentistry?

It is a very large field including straightening of crooked teeth by laminates, orthodontics. And it also includes tooth colour restoration for various anterior teeth, ceramic bridges.

Is cleaning and bleaching harmful in anyway?

No, cleaning (scaling) removes all calculus (tartar), superficial stains and also tends to keep gums healthy, prevents further gum and bone loss. Bleaching is actually a whitening is actually a whitening treatment of teeth. It can be done in two ways. Office bleach; Just 1 or 2 visits can give instant results. Home bleach: Here, the patient is guided to use bleaching appliance and paste at home and results are gradual in a couple of weeks. Though patients may develop slight sensitivity on their teeth that sensation tends to go away in a day or two. What precautions can be taken if the patient is pregnant? You have to be very cautious. Medicines have to be given carefully. Prophylactic treatment like superficial scaling, silver filling can be done. In case of any emergency, It should be given under medical supervision.


As our life span increases, so does the need for permanent dental replacement Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots. Today almost every dental implant that is used is made up of surgical-grade titanium alloy to exacting technical and biological specifications. This material is compatible with the body's tissues; therefore the body does not reject them. Implants are embedded into the jawbone to which replacement teeth are attached.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to support natural looking teeth and enable patients who are missing some or all of their natural teeth to smile, speak with confidence, avoid socially embarrassing situations and chew their food more comfortably. Anyone who wants to replace missing teeth can benefit from implants as they provide many advantages over traditional dentures.


Improved comfort, speech, appearance, self-esteem Eat what you want Preserve jawbone Maintain healthy adjacent teeth Long-term results

Exploring options:

Suppose you are missing a single front tooth. If a fixed bridge were to be used, your dentist would cut down the enamel of adjacent teeth and fit a three unit fixed bridge over those two teeth. If your dentist were to use an implant with a crown on it, he would place an implant in the site of the original missing tooth. He could do this immediately or at some date after the tooth was removed. After the healing period a tooth would be attached to the implant as it was your natural tooth. The healing period varies and the implantologist decides it best.

Concern areas

Dentures and removable bridges have obvious problems: they are loose and unstable. Implants can provide people with dental replacements that are both functional and aesthetic. The protocol that was originally developed states that we must wait three months in the lower jaw and six months in the upper jaw before we can begin to construct the new dental prosthesis that will be supported by the implants. In recent years, these implants now can be placed by a simple five-minute painless keyhole procedure to maximize patient comfort.

Healing time

Implants are a well-established treatment. Ninety per cent of modern implants last for at least 15 years. You can have any number of teeth replaced with implants. It depends on the state of the bone in your jaw. Although dental implant treatment may initially be expensive than others, it often urns out to be the best investment from a long-time perspective.

Indigenisation of implants

Indian dentists with a flair for quality import these implants. An indigenization of the implant manufacturing techniques with proper trials will bring down the cost of implants substantially. As with any dental treatment, patients must meet stringent criteria to have a good chance for success. Exceptional oral hygiene is necessity.

Advantages of keyhole dentistry

The advantage of the guided surgical technique is the minimal amount of manipulation of the soft tissue due to keyhole surgery. This reduces the healing time and discomfort associated with traditional implant surgical techniques. Short of docs, US mulls elevating nureses. Chicago: A nurse may soon be your doctor. With a looming shortage of primary care doctors, 28 states are considering expanding the authority of nurse practitioners. These nurses with advanced degrees want the right to practice without a doctor’s watchful eye and to prescribe narcotics. And if they hold a doctorate, they want to be called "Doctor". For years, nurse practitioners have been playing a bigger role in the nation's health care, especially in regions with few doctors. With 32 million more Americans gaining health insurance within a few years, the health care overhaul is putting more money into nurse-managed clinics. Those newly insured patients will be looking for doctors and may find nurses instead. The medical establishment is fighting to protect turf. In some statehouses, doctors have shown up in white coats to testify against nurse practitioner bills. The American Medical Association, which supported the national health care overhaul, says a doctor shortage is no reason to put nurses in charge and endanger patients. Nurse practitioners argue there's no danger. They say they're highly trained and as skilled as doctors at diagnosing illnesses during office visits.They know when to refer the sickest patients to doctor specialists. Plus, they spend more time with patients and charge less. "We're constantly having to prove ourselves," said Chicago nurse practitioner Amanda Cockrell, 32, who tells patients she’s just like a doctor "except for the pay". On top of four years in nursing school, Cockrell spent another three years in a nurse practitioner programme, much of it working with patients. Doctors generally spend for years in undergraduate school, four years in medical school and an additional three in primary care residency training. The AMA argues the title "Dr" creates confusion. Nurse practitioners say patients aren't confused by veterinarians calling themselves "Dr". Or chiropractors. Or dentists. So why, they ask, would patients be confused by a nurse using the title? The American Medical Association is fighting proposals in about 28 states that are considering steps to expand what nurse practitioners can do. "A shortage of one type of professional is not a reason to change the standards of medical care," said AMA president-elect Dr Cecil Wilson. "We need to train more physicians."

Medical Revolution

With a looming shortage of primary care doctors, 28 American states are considering expanding the authority of nurse practitioners.Doctors fighting the proposal say a shortage in their numbers is no reason to put nurses in charge and endanger patients. Many nurse practitioners like Amanda Cockrell (right) argue that they're highly trained and as skilled as doctors at diagnosing illnesses.

Thyroid patients get beta rays of hope

Radioactive lodline Helps Treat Hundreds Of Patients A YearMumbai: For the unmpteenth time in the last six months, Gopichand Meena, 35, a resident of Vadodara, visited the Radiactive Medicine Centre (RMC) in Parel on Tuesday. Meena, who has been suffering from hyperthyroidism for three years, got to know on International Thyroid Day on Tuesday that he has recovered considerably.

For almost 18 months, Gopichand suffered from weakness, weight loss, anxiety, irritability and an insatiable appetite. A diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and clinical medicines didn't help. But beta rays from a few millicuries of radioactive iodine did. "When I first heard the word 'radioactive', I was surprised and apprehensive. As far as I was concerned, radioactivity meant nuclear weapons and explosions. I couldn't believe that the doctors were telling me to consume a radioactive metal. But they explained that a small amount of radioactive iodine would be diluted and, after I took it, it would give off beta rays to cure my thyroid. And, even though I would emit gamma rays for a few days, the process would actually help treat my thyroid problem," said Gopichand.

The RMC has been run by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) since 1963 and treats around 550 thyroid cancer patients and 400 thyrotoxin patients a year.

Dr.Ramesh Asopa, head of clinical nuclear medicine, RMC, said that not everyone is given radioactive treatment. "Radioactivity can work in only certain conditions. For hyperthyroidism, the patient is first given clinical medicines for six months. If that doesn't work, then tests and scans are done, which tell how much radioactivity is to be administered, if at all," said Asopa.

Yogendra Singh, 51, stayed for one day in the isolation room and another day in the post-isolation room after taking radioactive iodine. "I was suffering from cancer of the thyroid for 18 months. Last year, the surgeons removed my thyroid gland. Since some parts of it remained in me, thedoctors suggested I get radioactive treatment," said Singh, a resident of Jharkhand. The treatment RMC cost Singh only Rs. 350.

"Only that much iodine is given to stop the over-activity of the thyroid. If with the medicine, a person becomes hypothyroid (Opposite of hyperthyroid) ,it can be managed with clinical medicines," said Dr. M.G.R.Rajan, head of RMC.

"Generally, people are scared to carry radioactivity around. Patients need counseling about the risks and advantages," said Dr.Vikram Lele for Jaslok Hospital, where radioactive treatment is given too. "We get almost patients for hyperthyroidism per week and we have treated 130 cases of thyroid cancer in two years," he added.

"The staff who come near radioactivity are checked. All the rooms, equipment, clothes and everything is checked regularly," said Dr. B. Rajeshkharrao, officer-in-charge of radiation safety, RMC.

Doctors open man's jaw that was locked for 26 years.

All his life 26-year-old Yogendra Kumar Goswami somehow coped with his’lock jaw disease'. But, recently, this Goregaon temple priest, who wanted to get married, sought a cure for the disease he has had since birth. Speaking about his afflication, he said," I had to force open my lips to swallow some soft food and even chewing was a big problem. ".In fact, he was not able to speak properly due to this problem and could only mumble a few words, he said."My grandmother was always afraid of taking me to a doctor for treatment as she felt it would only get complicated," he recalled. As a result, he had learnt to live with the problem and kept his social interactions to a minimum. It was only recently, when he planned to get married, that he realized he would have to take to feel upset when prospective brides and their parents would not show any interest in him after learning about his problem. It pushed him to finally approach an ENT surgeon for treatment. According to Dr. Rajesh Yadav, consultant ENT surgeon, Sai Sparsh Hospital, Goregaon (E), this condition is known as 'bilateral ankylosis of temporomandibular joint (TMJ)', and is genetic. "In this situation, the jaws of the person remain fused just below the ears and, hence, he is not able to open his mouth at all," he said.Goswami was finally operated on December 28, and it was a challenge for the surgeons due to the nature of the disease."In the surgery, a chunk of bone on the left side of the jaw was completely removed to unlock the fused area,while the other side was opened without any problem," he said. The surgery itself lasted for about four hours, and assisiting Dr.Yadav in the procedure was maxilla facial surgeon Dr. Pooja Jain.Mr. Goswami has now recovered from the condition and able to speak and eat normally,surgeon said .

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