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Naturopathy:: Feel Better, Live Longer!

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Mediclaim-100 Super Market

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Kerala Ayurvedashram, Sure Cure of Incurable Diseases

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Medical Tourism in India

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Doctors Group Practice, Benefits to Doctors, Benefits to Patients

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Go Bald Free World

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Join Crystal Hospital to get back your slim image

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Bariatric Surgery, Don't restore to these extreme measures

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Scientific and Holistic Treatment at India's only Hair Speciality Hospital

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Anti Ageing

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Cosmetic Sex Surgery

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COsmetic Dentistry

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Orthopedic treatment from head to toe

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Stop Diabetes , Stop Insullin

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Tame the ferocious Diabetes

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Ready Jobs

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Best Medical Treatment

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Avoid Surgery

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Best Children Specialist

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Expert Orthopedics just for you

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Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Chest Cancer

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Dental Specialist

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Jandhan Free Dental Mediclaim

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Ear, Nose, Throat

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Only Hospital in India where Mediclaim Benefits available from 1st month

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Good Kidney Doctor

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Home Hospital Spa

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Naturopathy & Holistics Treatment

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Home Massage

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Help guide's 6 keys to Mental Health

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AYURVEDIC TREATMENT for Drug Resistant Diseases

Deceptive dengue's STING IS BACK

BMC says Cases Rose In Early Jan, Now There is a dip. Private Docs Also see Patients.


When three-month-old Navin fell violently ill, doctors had initially no reason to suspect dengue, the mosquito-borne viral disease.

Dengue is supposed to be mild in young children, but blood rests done on Navin (name changed) showed serious problems. His liver enzymes were high, indicating liver-failure-like

Typhoid symptoms.

As the city records a urge in cases of viral fever-be they due to common flue, measles or dengue-doctors are worried about patients being mis-diagnosed and pumped with antibiotics that should only be given for bacterial infections. "Patients are coming with a typical symptoms that could be German measles, dengue or some other exthanemous(with rash)viral fever," said Dr. Hemant Thacker, a senor consultant with Jaslok Hospitals, Pedder Road. A senior doctor with a South Mumbai hospital feels most of these" a typical" cases could be dengue fever, which spreads via the yellow-striped Tiger mosquito from November to February. "What makes the dengue diagnosis difficult," said the doctor" is that there are no confirmatory tests for all variants of the dengue virus. Secondly, a positive test can only be got on the eighth day of the fever." Take the case of Navin. He was under the local docotr’s treatment for 15days before being transferred to Bhatia Hospital in Tardeo for another month of treatment. "The first exposure to the dengue virus is supposed to be mild. The second exposure is usually virulent. Hence, the belief that children will have mild dengue attacks," said Dr. Rajan Unhadkar, the pediatrician at Bhatia Hospital who treated Navin for a month there. Unhadkar said the child may have had his first brush with the dengue while still in his mother's womb." The attack at three months of age was perhaps his second exposure to the virus. Hence, it was serious," he added. The Sion baby is not the only one to test positive for dengue in the last two months. The city has been registering a steady number of cases. Dengue is a notifiable disease, requiring doctors to report cases to the municipal authorities. On January 29, the city had 60confirmed cases of dengue. The first week of February saw eight confirmed cases of the condition. It's hard to record dengue cases as a positive test only shows on the eighth day of the fever. Incidentally, the civic health report for January 29 showed 20 patients with dengue at kasturba Hospital alone. Dr. Daksha shah, who heads the epidemiology department of the civic health department, said that it is usual to see a surge in dengue cases in the December-January period. " There was a definite surge in early January, but with the weather improving, the incidence is now dipping," she added. "This time we are seeing more cases in the private hospitals" said a senior doctor with a South Mumbai hospital.


Dengue is mosquito-borne infection that causes a sever flu-like illness. Sometimes, it causes a potentially lethal complication called dengue hemorrhagic fever.


Dengue fever(Causes of Typhoid fever)

A severe, flu-like illness that seldom clauses death. Infants and young children may have a fever with rash. Older children and adults may have either a mild fever or the classic incapacitating disease with abrupt onset onset and high fever, severe headache, pain behind the wyes, muscle and joint pains, and rash.

Dengue Haemorrhagic fever

(Typhoid fever symptoms)

High fever, often with enlargement of the liver, and in service cases circulatory failure. Illness often begins with a sudden rise in temperature accompanied by facial flush and other flu-like symptoms. Fever usually continues for 2 to 7 days and can be accompanied by convulsions and other complications.


Typhoid is severe & contagious disease caused by a bacteria.It is the fifth most common communicable disease in India. Each year more than 33 million people Suffer from typhoid.


Typhoid is easily transmitted through contaminated food & water. The bacteria can survive in ice & ice cream.It grows rapidly in milk without altering in anyway its taste & appearance. Files carry the bacteria from faeces to food. Raw vegetables grown on sewage irrigated farms also act as source of infection.


Typhoid is not just a simple fever. It is a severe general infection with complications Like hemorrhage & intestinal bleeding.


Since typhoid is transmitted through contaminated food, water etc; children are more prone to catch infection as they are less aware of precautions.

Typhoid mostly affects school age children.

More and more children are giving attendance in hospitals instead of schools.


Yes, good hygiene & sanitary practices can definitely help to control typhoid. However, contamination is still possible.


Vaccination of your child against typhoid is the best means of prevention. Consult your doctor.


Typhoid Vaccine for all age group above 2 years is now available which can protect your child against typhoid disease.


Only one single injection of the vaccine is sufficient to protect children rapidly 7 for a long duration.


No severe local or systemic side effects have been seen with this highly pure vaccine. Typhoid patients show resistance to drugs Mumbai:It is not only the usual cough, cold and fever that is hounding Mumbaikars during this changing season.City doctors say there has been a surge in the number of typhoid patients too. Worryingly, these patients are also becoming resistant to the most common oral medication, quinoline. "Quinoline is the most commonly used oral medication for typhoid. We are seeing a surge in the number of quinoline-resistant typhoid patients. Generally typhoid patients are given medication at home itself. But now patients are not recovering even after seven days of medication and have to be admitted," said Dr. Hemant Thacker, who consults at Jaslok and Bhatia Hospitals. Advait Shah, 32,for instance, has been suffering from typhoid for over 10 days. "Initially, I was given medication at home. But it did not stop the diarrhoea and fever. I was then advised by the doctors to get admitted in the doctors to get admitted in the hospital where I was given an intravenous does of another medicine." Said Shah. Dr Sonu Udani, of Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, has been getting a steady number of typhoid of patients. "Some typhoid patients are resistant to certain oral medications. In such cases, other medications are used to treat typhoid. If detected early, one can be cured within five days. But there are some cases which take more than a week. Generally, they do not have to be admitted to the hospital as typhoid does not cause severe illness. But we do get cases which take long to recover, do not respond to medication and thus need to be admitted," she said.Indian Medical Association president Dr. Hozie Kapadia said that it becomes difficult to treatdrug-resistant patients. "Generally, the resistance takes place because of the overuse of antibiotics. If we find a drug-resistant typhoid patient, we have to conduct investigations, including culture and antibiotic sensitivity tests. Mostly, resistance to quinoline spells trouble as it is the most-used typhoid drug and it becomes difficult to find out which other drug will suit the patient," said Kapadia.


One way to dispel your fear of swine flu is to boost your immunity. Here are some dietary tips to help you do that With the talk of H1N1 being in the air, everyone is talking about boosting one's immunity. The best way that you can improve your immunity is to eat healthy. Here are some tips and dietary recommendations that will help your boost your immunity.

The dietary do's to boost immunity includes:


Indians as a whole lag behind in proteins by virtue of being vegetarians. Thus a conscious effort to increase the intake of milk, curds, paneer cheese, soyabean flour or soya in textured form, variety of usals should become a daily part of the diet of the vegetarians. Non-vegetarians can include egg whites, Fishes and lean meats at least three, times a week.


Like walnuts, almonds, and oilseeds like flax seed powder, sesame (tilseeds) in restricted amounts.


Three bowls of cooked (mildly) veggies in a dry form (not navratan kurma) and three fruits a day. Opt from one starchy-banana and two others like apple, pomegranate, guava, pear, citrus fruit or juices.


As a part of your diet-opt for bajra, jowari, ragi, or a blend of wheat and soya, or wheat and chana, breakfast cereals based on oats, soya, or wheat.


In your diet through flax seeds (One tablespoon flaxseed powder a day), Walnuts, pulses like soya, black chana , chawli, urad whole, leafy vegetables like methi leaves, corarse flour like bajara, and fatty fishes.


Like vitamin C, beta-carotene, Vitamin E, and minerals like zinc and selenium. These nutrients have a protective effect on the airway tissue as well as protect you from oxidative stress.

Tips to increase antioxidant intake

Consume all the coloured vegetables and fruits, which are green, yellow and red, purple in colour. It will included all green leafy vegetables, red coloured tomatoes, green, yellow and red capsicum, beetroot, pomegranate, black grapes, papaya, oranges etc.

Increase intake of vitamin C through inputs like amla juice, guava, salads based on fresh lettuce, cabbage, capsicum and tomatoes, all the citrus juices like orange, sweet lime etc.

Get the lycopene, a powerful antioxidant from tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes, cook the tomatoes, make a thick soup without straining or make a thick soup without straining or make a paste. Doing so improves the concentration and the availability of this antioxidant. Couple this with a dash of dietary fat for better absorption.


In your diet, as it is a smooth muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory agent it plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity of the membrane lining the airways to cope better with respiratory problems like those caused by swine flu.

Tips to add magnesium

Sources rich in magnesium include:

Coarse cereals like bajra, jowar, maize, ragi, what craks wtc.

Pulses like whole chana whole urad, chawli, math,rajmah, soybean, whole moong etc.

Nuts and oilseeds like almond, cashew nut, garden cress seeds, walnuts.

Fruits like mango, plums.

Vegetables like radish pink, lotus steam


Can also be beneficial as it helps prevent triggering o respiratory distress. So go low on pickles, papads, ready-to-eat processed foods, bakery items, etc.


Opt from ricebran or groundnut oil for MUFA and soybean or mustard for omega 3. Keep the total intake of oil between 500-750 gms per person per month depending on your weight.



Also need to be tailored on the same lines. Make each morsel your child takes nutritious and try incorporating healthy ingredients in food preparations which children like to consume. Opt for stuffed roti, a healthy burger, cutlet or pizza and healthy drinks like milkshakes fruit lassi buttermilk, or fruit juices.


In food handling and water. Do not inadequately thaw food and keep them at room temperature for long time.



As stress is a big trigger of the inflammatory response of the body . Thus aerobic exercise of desired intensity, yoga, and breathing and relaxation regimes can help not only to improve lung functioning but also boost your immunity. Get adequate sleep an rest.

Cold -Home Remedies

One lemon along with a teaspoon of honey should be diluted in a glass of warm water and taken once or twice a day. Ginger tea, prepared by adding a few pieces of ginger into boiled water before adding the tea leaves, is an effective remedy for colds. It must be taken twice daily.

Tamarind-pepper rasam is also considered an effective home remedy for a cold in South India. Dilute 50 mg tamarind in 250 ml of water. Boil the diluted tamarind water or a few minutes with a teaspoon of hot ghee and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder and drink it three times a day.

Bad throat-Home Remedies

Gargle with a solution containing 1/2 teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water several times a day. Be careful with the quantity of salt as excess salt could further irritate your throat.

Fresh ginger can help soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the larynx. Try sucking on candies ginger if available or drink a cup of ginger tea.

Performing steam inhalation twice or thrice a day will help cure laryngitis.

Fever -Home Remedies

A decoction made of about twelve grams of Tulsi leaves, boiled in half a liter of water, should be administered twice daily with half a cup of milk, one teaspoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of powered cardamom will bring down the temperature.

Hay fever

Hay fever is a common nasal allergy to airborne substances such as pollens or molds, and the term has also been used for other allergies such as to animal dander. It is very common with an estimated 35 million Americans with pollen allergies alone. Hay fever is also known as "allergic rhinitis".Symptoms are often similar to a cold with runny nose, tearing, sneezing, and so on. Another possibility that must be ruled out is asthma. There are also numerous subtypes of hay fever, and it is desirable to determine exactly what is causing the allergy. One key factor is whether symptoms are seasonal, especially for pollen allergies, or year-round as for some other types of allergies.

25 Symptoms of Hay fever


Runny nose

Blocked nose


Postnasal drip

Itching eyes

Itching nose

Itching throat

Dark circles under the eyes (Allergic shiners)

Nose rubbing

Allergic salute (persistent upward nose rubbing)

Watering eyes


Red-rimmed eyes

Swollen eyes

Crusting of eyelids

Seasonal symptoms - though not all types of hay fever are seasonal

End of symptoms after frost


Breathing difficulties


Runny nose

Blocked nose

Itchy eyes and mouth


Types of Hay fever:

Pollen allergies

Tree pollen allergies

Birch pollen allergies

Oak pollen allergies

Ash pollen allergies

Elm pollen allergies

Hickory pollen allergies

Pecan pollen allergies

Box elder pollen allergies

Mountain cedar pollen allergies

Weed pollen allergies

Ragweed allergies - common allergy type; most common cause of weed allergies.

Sagebrush allergies

Redroot pigweed allergies

Lamb's quarters allergies

Russian thistle (tumbleweed) allergies

English plantain allergies

Grass pollen allergies

Timothy grass allergies

Kentucky bluegrass allergies

Johnson grass allergies

Bermuda grass allergies

Redtop grass allergies

Orchard grass allergies

Sweet vernal grass allergies

Mold allergies

Dust mite allergies

Animal allergies

Seasonal allergic rhinitis - occurring during pollen season

Perennial allergic rhinitis - occurring year round

Alternative Allopathy Treatments for Hay fever

Alternative treatments or home remedies that have been listed in various sources as possibly beneficial for Hay fever may include:

Butterbur (type of ragweed)



Omega-3 fatty acids

Reduce arachidonic acid intake (egg yolk, red meat, shellfish)



Adrenal glandular



Bromelain (from pineapple stems)

Nambudripad's allergy elimination technique (NAET)



Nasal wash or irrigation (e.g. Neti pot)

Gingko biloba

Flaxseed oil

Saline nasal spray

Nettle tea

Dehumidify the environment

Air purifier

Ayurvedic cleansing program (panchakarma)



Breathing exercises

Coat the nasal passages with ghee

Ayurvedic dietary changes

Flaxseed oil

Triphala (Ayurvedic medicine)

Ayurvedic vomiting therapy with licorice tea and salt water

Ayurvedic herbal remedy for kapha-type allergies

Ayurvedic Treatments for Hay fever

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment

Common cold to H1N1, super Lozenge to fix all London: In breakthrough, Australian scientists have developed a drug that prepares the immune system to effectively fight all cold and flu infections, including swine flu virus.

The Veldona lozenge, which tastes like a sweet and dissolves in the mouth, prepares the immune system to attack every cold and flu virus, Chairman of the department of microbiology and immunology at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Manfred Beilharz, who tested the dug, said, "This is the golden fleece everyone has been looking for". The drug can be taken once a day before breakfast and will prevent everyday sniffles in otherwise healthy people and life threatening infections in the elderly. The naturally makes when attacked by a virus.When the lozenge dissolves in the mouth, the protein is released, tricking the immune system into thinking there is a virus in the body and getting it ready for a fight, Daily Mail reported.

Super Chew

Sweet lozenge that dissolves in the mouth to be taken once a day before breakfast.Can help immune system fight ever cold and flu bug.

Could prevent life-threading infections in the elderly or those suffering from asthma, cystic fibrosis.

Contains protein interferon alpha, which is produced by the body to fight infections. When lozenge releases the protein, the immune system is tricked into preparing the body to fight infections.

Goa turns to rehabilitation

ANJUNA: The easy availability of drugs in Goa has been a draw for many tourists since the days of the hippie trail in the 1960s. Now some people are coming tio the resort State to kick the habit.

Several drug rehabilitation centres have sprung up near the sun-kissed, palm treelined beaches that attract 400,000 overseas visitors every year, offering detox programmes at cut-price rates.

One of them is St. Anthony's hospital and research Centre, a private 40-bed facility here in northern Goa, a short drive from the bamboo beach bars that are a magnet for young, foreign ravers and ageing hippies.

Last year, 84 people were treated here for drug addiction. All but three of them were Westerners, its medical director Jawahralal Henriques said. "Switzerland, France, Holland, Russia, is rael Theres no country you can leave out," the 61-year-old doctor said of clients home countries . "They' venever been referred by any (foreign) doctor. It's always been someone or other telling (an addict) to come here. Some of them have seen It on the Internet also".

Place like St. Anthony's show the darker side of Goa: what can happen when tourists succumb to the hard-sell of the pushers who offer marijuana, cocaine, LSD and amphetamines on the streets.

Scanned copies of foreign passports lie on Dr. Henriques' desk in his white-tiled consulting room next to piles of medical case notes, scattered packets of prescription drugs and an old typewriter.

"we take care of all types of patients," he said, reeling off cases such as the Italian low-yer and the English engineer who oversued marijuana, or the Frenchman taking a potentially lethal mix of ketamine, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis.

At just under $3,000, drug rehabilitation here is a fraction of the cost in the West, with Goa easily accessible by air,that makes detox part of the "health tourism" sector-low-cost treatment attractive to foreigners.-AFP

DRDO herbal cure for Siachen Soldiers Soon

Amchis Helping FRL Research on Rhodiola

DRDO'S filed research laboratory (FRL)-likely to be renamed as high-altitude logistical laboratory (HALL)- is working to create a wonder help reduce stress. It is also testing a herbal beverage that would increase appetite. Twin for mulations–likely to be ready for commercial use within one year-would take care of the two major challenges that soldiers at high altitude face.

"Soldiers at high altitude are suffering from lack of appetite that translates into stress and weight loss," FRL director Shashi Balla Singh told ET."At present, these drugs are undergoing clinical trials and would be available within a year or so."

FRL deputy-director OP Chaurasia, the man working on the drugs, said the anti stress herbal beverage had been developed from a vital high-altitude medicinal plants."We have taken advice from Amchis'(Leh's traditional medical practitioners). It helps increase appetite," Mr. Singh said.

The new formulations especially that fight stress, would help soldiers tackle their new enemy that manifests itself through frequent suicides and incidents of fragging even in plains where soldiers are deployed for counter-insurgency operations. Army is already using FRL-for-mulated seabuckthorn juice as a part of its high-altitude special ration.

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