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The 7 Signs of Ageing

Does your face reveal your real age? Did you know that your first wrinkle could appear as early as 25? Did you know that there is much more to skin ageing than just lines and wrinkles?

As women, each one of us desire to look younger. Now it's time to find out more about how we can turn this desire into a reality.With age our skin's natural ability to renew itself slows down, its ability to hold moisture decreases, and there are changes in its collagen and melanin level. All these changes coupled with harmful UV rays from the sun, air pollution, and lack of proper diet and exercise can make our skin look older. Olay's consumer research has shown that there is more to ageing that women around the world are concerned about than just lines and wrinkles. Olay spoke to more than 6000 women from three continents, across a variety of age ranges, diverse cultures, varied climatic conditions, different levels of sun exposure, different skin types, and varied opinions. Majority of these women broadly identified 7 signs of skin ageing.

-Fine Lines and Wrinkles

-Sagging Skin

-Uneven Skin Tone

-Appearance of Pores

-Age Spots

-Dull Skin


Interestingly, 7 signs of ageing described by consumers were consistent with the clinical signs of ageing identified by an InternationalDermatologists Panel of Skin-Ageing Experts.

So what does this mean to us? Well, for one, if you want to keep youself looking younger, you would have to do much more than just fight one or two signs of ageing. If you thought that you could wait till your first wrinkle appears before you switch to that anti-ageing cream, think again. Some of these signs of ageing can start as early as 25 years! You need a good multiple benefit anit-ageing cream today to address the multiple signs of ageing.


Science has come to out aid to help us fight ageing. We always knew that eating those veggies and fruits loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins was good for skin. Now science has brought these vital anti-oxidants and vitamins onto our dresser with Olay Total Effects.

Recently launched in India, Olay Total Effects helps fight 7 signs of skin ageing, thus proving to be an answer to our fight against multiple signs of ageing.Dr. Colin D'Silva, Principal Scientist, P&G Beauty, says: "Olay Total Effects is a revolutionary new formulation containing a combination of anti-oxidants and vitamin B3. Antioxidant Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) helps to reduce skin damage induced by free radicals generated from the environmental stress and sun exposure". Niacinamide helps maintain collagen production, stimulate skin renewal and evens out melanin production. This is what she had to say about Olay Total Effects: "You know, I used to be happy with just soft smoth skin. But I am glad that I discovered Olay Total Effects. I can see a visible difference in my sin; it feels softer, smoother and firmer and the fine lines and wrinkles have visibly reduced." And it's not just Sushmita, even a panel of India's leading dermatologists have agreed that the Vitaniacin technology (Present in Olay Total Effects) is effective for Indian Skin.For us, we simply love the fact that we now have one moisturizer that can help fight 7 signs of ageing. All we have to do now is tuck away our secret weapon in our handbags.

Anti-ageing Tips

Train your brain:

Mental training; use your creativity; use plant remedy ginkgo biloba; well-functioning relationships, family are good for mental health


Check sleeping pattern; consult doctor about additional melationin intake(hormone which is responsible for sleeping rhythm) Skin Protection, sun Skin care, healthy diet, exercise, sun protection (moderate exposure, body needs sun to form vitamin D) Estrogen, testosterone

Check hormone levels; consult doctor if necessary and get balancing treatmentWeight Control

Avoid being overweight(check Body Mass Index) Exercise

Regular exercise strengthens body systems, keeps weight down and improves mental health

Hair Protection

Hair needs vitamins, minerals and certain hormons to grow; nicotine damages hair Eyes carotenes lutein and xanthin (in yellow fruit, vegetables)protect eyesight; use sunglasses Smoking Habits Stop smoking; nicotine threatens heart, vessels, brain; causes cancer DietReduce calories; low-fat and vitamin-rich diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is best; eat fish twice a week and drink 2-3 cups of green tea(contains antioxidants)Dheal Level Hormone Dehydroepiandrosteron(DHEA) infulences metabolism, decreases cholesterol: consult doctor, check DHEA level



, how utterly unjust, to be the one in your social circle who is aging least gracefully.In a laboratory at the Wisonsin National Primate Research Center, Matthias is learning about time's caprice the hard way. At 28, getting on for a rhesus monkey Matthias is losing his hair, lugging a paunch and getting a face full of wrinkles. Yet in the cage next to his, gleefully hooting at strangers, one of Matthias' lab mates, Rudy, is the picture of monkey vitality, although he is slightly older. Thin and feisty, Rudy stops grooming his smooth coat just long enough to pirouette toward a proffered piece of fruit.

Tempted with the same treat, Matthias rises wearily and extends a frail hand."you can really see the difference", said Dr Ricki Colman, a scientist who cares for the animals.

What a visitor cannot see may be even more interesting. As a result of a simple lifestyle intervention, Rudy and primates like him seempoised to live very long, very vital lives.

This approach, called calories restiction, involves eating about 30 percent fewer calories than normal while still getting adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Aside from direct genetic manipulation, calorie restriction is the only strategy knowto extend life consistently in a variety of animal species.

How this drastic diet affect the body has been the subject of intense research. Recently, the effort has begun to bear fruit, producing a steady stream of studies indicating that the rate of aging is plastic, not fixed, and that it can be manipulated.

In the last year, calorie-restricted diets have been shown in various animals to affect molecular pathways likely to be involved in the progression of Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer. Earlier this year, researchers studying disteary effects on humans went so far as to claim that calorie restriction may be more effective than exercise at preventing age related diseases.

The findings cast doubt on long-held beliefs regarding the inevitability of the body's decline. They also suggest that other intervention, which include new drugs may retard aging even if the diet itself should prove ineffective in humans. One leading candidate, a newly synthesised form of resveratrol-an antixidant present in large amounts in red wine- is already being tested in patients.

Extrapolating from recent animal findings, Dr. Richard A. Miller, a pathologist at the University of Michigan, estimated that a pill mimicking the effects of caloried restriction might increase human life span to about 112 healthy years, with the occasional senior living untile 140, though some expers view that projection as overly optimistic.


As Mumbai takes a gradual toll on your health, you can fight back. Sonal Ved gets the experts to the tell you how to detoxify yourself... at home

Your body is bombarded with toxins each day-unhealthy food, stress, pollution and effects of a sedentary lifestyle. If you feel drained out by the end of the day, it's just the time to go on a detox programme.Detox helps in cleaning the body internally. While most people go on a prolonged fast to cleanse heir's, an easy alternative is to eat and act right. Here's how...


Instead of making lunch out of steak, gorge on a bowl full of veggies when on a detox. Plant-based foods have phytonutrient that optimise the functionong of the digestive system and quicken liver detoxification. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage cauliflower, horseradish, rocket lettuce and others that belong to the cruciferous family are packed with phytochemicals. If plain salads don't suffice your appetite, you can even binge on fruits. Most fruits have sufficient anti-oxidants that hold the power to instantly flush out all the bodily toxins.


Apart from drinking ample water, bite on bydrating fruits such as cucumber, watermelon and tomato. Stay away from chips, cookies, brownies, pastries and other processed foods that dehydrate the body and increase toxin levels. Another no-no is salty food and preservative laden itms. Sodium causes water retention and MSG or the flavor enhancers are good enough to reverse your detoxing process.


Early to bed and early to rise might seem like the biggest cliche, but it can be of great help while you are on a cleaning spree. Your detox programme is only successful, if you can team it up with at least eight hours of sound sleep. Make sure you don't sleep in extreme temperature, choose something that you are comfortable it. Nothing too hot or cold.


Since the detox programme calls for sound sleep, stay away from caffeine-based drinks that will leave you turning sides in the bed. Instead sip on unstrained fresh fruit juices. They act as great fiber carriers to fasten bowel movements. Herbal teas are a great way to detoxify. You could pick from thyme, chamomile, sage, lemon or stick to green tea that works best in sweeping the pollutants out.


To double the effect of a detoxifying diet, you can indulge in some massage therapy. If heading to a fancy spa is a little over the budget, you could rope in your spouse to help you out. Invest in scented oils like lavender(for calming the senses) ylang ylang(for lifting your mood) and lemon grass oil(for energising the body).Areas such as back of the neck, hands, shoulder and feet are the most stressed out, especially for people on a desk job. Spend extra time massaging and caressing these areas. Post massage, head straight for a steam or take a hot water bat. This helps get rid of the oil and throw the toxins out.


Exercise helps to faten the detox process. It helps by stimulating blood flow throughout the body, makes you sweat and in hale fresh oxygen- all of which flushes the toxins out. Running, jogging or aerobics are a good bet to seat it out. But the best way to detox is with yoga assanas.


Sit confotably on the floor or a chair. Inhale fresh air gradully and immediately exhale with force. Repeat this continuously and feel the toxins leave your body.


Sit on the floor with floded knees (thighs on the back of your calves) with hands on the thigh. Now bend the head towards the knees and feel the hands sandwiched between thigh and the stomach.


Lie down on your back and bend the legs inside. Clasp with your hands, bring the head up to touch the knees.


Lie down on your stomach, stretch the hands forward. Breathe in and raise both hands, head and legs in the air.


Nature has provided all the elements, within the ranges of the natural foods, which man needs in the way of food and medicine. Thus,the healing power by naturapothy is nothing new to Indian Tradition. Nature cure treatments are very ancient and were widely practicedin acient Rome, Egypt, Greece and India. Infact, in Indian homes, home remedies have always come before the doctors medicines. The times have yet not changed even in the metropolitan cities in India; however the term, Naturopathy is relatively of recent orgin.

Naturopathy believes that all the healing powers are within ones body, hence people actually fall ill only when they go against nature. It is ture of ancient India highlights the use of natures foremost healing agents, water, air, earth and sun. The origin of Naturopathy could be traced right to Vedic period wherein Dietary discipline(Pathya & Ahara) and the principles of Health (Swastha Vurtha) described in Ayurveda have branched out and developed in the form of today's Naturopathy.

Even today, strong recommendations of these natural treatments are presecribed for most of the disease; and these diseases are actually the toxins, which are expelled from the body to cure the same. Indian naturopathy has described certain nature's way to recover from these diseseas; thus, thorough rest, including fasting, is the most favorable condition in which an ailing body can purify and recoup itself. The basic theory of Naturopathy is based upon the fact that we are born healthy and can stay healthy by living in accordance with laws of nature.


The entire philosphy is based upon three basic principles, which have been tested and proved from over a century of successful Naturopathy treatments all around the world. Naturopathy Treatments in India are mushrooming in large numbers especially in the metropolitan cities. Most of them follow a similar routine for treating the common ailments, which are as follows:

1. Strictly vegetarian food is served in all of them, as per the doctor or dietician's precription. None of the centers allow patients to bring in food from outside. Alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, and the consumption of tea, coffee, and non-vegetarian foods are forbidden in all the centers. All the naturopathy centers require the visitor patient to stay on campus, for a duration that depends upon the nature of his or her complaint.

2. Some Indian naturopathy centers prescribe a minimum stay of ten days, as they say that no significant effect can be observed within a shorter period. Charges vary, depending upon the kind of room the visitor prefers, with choices ranging from a dormitory to an entire cottage. In between these two rates are the various options like a single room, an executive room, a cottage or a hut. Apart from the charges from the accommodation, food and treatment charges are extra

3.Treatment charges vary depending upon the complexity of treatment warrented by the specific ailment. Children belwo fifteen years of age are not allowed inside these centers nor are pregnant women. Patients should be able to walk at least 1 km without support to gain admission here.

4. Whether it is treatment that suits the more spiritually inclined, with yoga and meditation forming an important parts of the day's routine , or more modern equipment like saunas and whirlpool baths that take one's fancy, one can choose from many naturopathy centers in India.


Fasting refers to complete abstinence from food for a partcular period pertaining to a specific purpose and this is nature's olderst, most effective and yet least expensive method of treating diseases, recognized as the achievement of natural healing. By depriving the body of food for a specific period of time, the organcs of elimination such as the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs are given opportunity to expel, unhampered the overload of accumulated waste from the system. Thus fasting is merely the process of purification and an effective and quick method of cure, assisting nature in her continuous effort to expel foreign matter and disease producing waste from the body, thereby correcting the faults of improper diet and wrong living.


Bathing has been used as a valuable therapeutic agent and is also considered an important measure for the maintenance of health and prevention of disease, in all major ancient civilizations. Bathing was also valued for its remedial properties, since time immemorial and the ancient Vedic literature contains numberous references to the efficiency of water in the treatment of disease. Beneficial effects are exerted by water on the human system. It equalizes circulation, boosts muscular tone and aids digestion and nutrition. It also tones up the activity of perspiratory gland and in the process eliminates the damaged cells and toxic matter from the system.


Earth was used extensively for remedial purposes in ancient times as well as the middle ages. Ind modern times, it again came into prominence as it was discovered to remarkeable effects to refresh, invigorate and vitalize the humban body; especially during the night. It was believed that for wounds and skin diseases, application of clay or mositened earth was the only true natural bandage. Thus, the sleeping or lying on the earth at night became customary in the curing of diseases. By doing this the entire body is aroused from its lethargy to a new manifestation of vital energy, so that it can now effectively remove old morbid matter and masses of old faeces from the intestines, and receive a sensation of new health, new life and new vigour and strength.


The largest constituent of human body is water. About 60 to 70 percent of the total body weight consists of water: Thus , the body of a 65-kg person contains approximately 40 liters of water: Of this, about 25 liters are within the cells and the remaining 15 liters in the extra cellular fluids. Versatility is the most important property of water. Both inside and outside the body water can be effectively used. Liquid, solid or steam any three forms of water can be used according to the need. It can be used hot, cold or lukewarm, for the smooth functioning of all the body processes.

The water consumption is mainly through drinking water, other fluids and the water content in the food consumed. Some of our common vegetables contain as much water as mulk and even more. Thus, 100 grams of melon, tomato, and radish contain over 90 per cent of wate. For the maintenance of good health, an adult should take eight to 10 glasses of pure, fresh water daily, whether one feels thirsty or not. This quantity is enough to flush the body and meet all internal needs. However, it is bad to drink excess of water since it weakens the kdneys and stomach. Drinking water along with meals is not healthy, for it dilutes the gastric juices and hampers digestion. Water should be drunk has an hour before or one hour after a meal. Drinking of glass of water early in the morning after a mouth wash is good for health. Scientifically, drinking water early in the morning helps, saliva formation, which together with some useful enzymes helps in effective cleaning of the intestinal tract. The age -old practice of drinking water in copper vessel early morning is one of the oldest methods with the same principle.

A bath is very necessary not only to wash off the pisonous matters from the skin, but also for keeping the skin in a healthy condition. Cold water or water at body temperature should be used for bathing. The application of cold water follwed by friction facilitates rush of blood to the skin. This gives the skin its necessary exercise and keeps it healthy and capable of normal functioning for the rest of the day. But the water to be used for drinking, cooking and bathing, should be safe, clean and free from bacteria, dissolved mineral impurities and suspended matters. Rainwater, purified water from a river, spring, well or a lake is good for the same, if is further treated properly. If bacteria contaminate the warer; then it should be rendered harmless by boiling.


An excellent form of passive exercise is massage. A massage involves the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, which if done correctly, can be highly stimulating and invigorating. Massages have been used from the ancient times, as old as 400B.C and yet been used as a mode of treatment for many ailments, since it has restored many a sufferer to health and vigour.Senior Citizens' Home, Bangalore

Specially created for the physical, emotional & medical needs of senior citizens. Location: In the peaceful, unpolluted and naturally beautiful environment of Nisarga township, Bangalore. Spacious, secure , self-contained with male/female attenders. Modern kitchens, nutritious vegetarian food.

Medical facilities: Resident doctors, nurses diagnosis lab, ambulance and all medical facilities available in-house . Modern physiotherapy centre and ayurvedic centre.


Wondering how that dark spot has suddently appeared on your face? Time to re-examine your skin care regime.

How do you know ageing has caught on?

Dull skin in hot climate.Subtle patches on your face start aggravating.When your face actually shows signs of change.How doe you prevent ageing?

Your basic skin care regime should start when you're in your teens. Don't wait for the first wrinkle to kickstart your skin care regime.

Start early.

Facial cleansing takes care of a lot of problems, including getting rid of dead cells, that eventually turn into blackheads. Also, clean skin absorbs skin care products much faster and is more effective. Follow the cleansing routine at least 2-3 times a day.

Avoid using multi-branded skin care products. Often, ingredients in one particular brand might not be compatible with another. Maintain a one-brand beauty kit. While changing brands, also pay attention to your skin.Always use a good moisturiser that suits your skin type. Preferably use on with SPF.

Use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 15 before stepping out of your house.Though natural products are preferred, they almost never have gone through safety testing.

Ageing in a healthy way

Old age need not be synonymous with arthritis. Certain precautionary measure taken early in life can help you stay moving as you age.

Modern medicines have caused the life span of the average population to increase, which has resulted in the increase in manifestations of old-age disease. In India more than 55 per cent of individuals above the age of 55 years suffer from knee arthritis.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is unavoidable since it is related to ageing. Although the wear and tear of the muscles cannot be prevented, it can definitely be slowed down by taking precautionary measures, appropriate treatment and good diet. Regular exercises with good balanced diet and good lifestyle can delay the onset of this condition.

Other than progressing age, important risk factors that can cause osteoarthritis include obesity, joint injury, and selected vocational activities. The combination of aging populations, increased obesity, and increasing joint damage is raising the burden of osteoarthritis worldwide in this century.

Some precautions to take include:

Educational and social support: Most of the treatment for osteoarthritis is controlled by the patients themselves through self-management, which means that the information, education, and social support provided by professionals is extremely important.

Exercise:Exercise is effective, economical, sage, and under-prescribed in the management of patients who have osteoarthritis.

Even exercising as title as one hour and 15 minutes a week now can make a difference over the next three years.

Yoga: helps to keep the joints supple and flexible. By beginning a routine of yoga exercises, you may be warding off unnecessary pain in the future. The important rule is not to push yourself beyond what you can easily hold and maintain.

Let's face it. We're all going to age at some point or another. However, the lifestyle that most of us lead causing people to age prematurely. With a wide range of anti-aging products coming out now, it makes you wonder if they really work wonders as they claim to. The best way then is to prevent premature aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here's what you can do to avoid premature aging:


Yes. You may have heard innumerable benefits fo sleeping, and here's one more. Sleeping for seven to eight hours is essential. It has been proven that a good night's sleep can reduce the rate of aging by repairing cell damage. But sleeping long hours is not the only thing you can do in bed. You might have noticed that you sleep in the same position every night-the position your body feels most comfortable in. However, this greatly increases your chances of getting face wrinkles. The part of your face, which is resting against the pillow will be likely to form wrinkles over time. Try sleeping on your back-even if its uncomfortable in the beginning, you'll get used to it.

Drink Up

We mean water. Drink plenty of water to adequately hydrate your body. Stick to water and avoid juices, coffee, tea cocktails or other beverages. Water alone is the best and most vital beverage you need. It will also help to remove toxic substances from your body, which otherwise target the skin cells. Dehydration can lead to premature wrinkles and dull looking skin. Take care of your skin

Protect your skin when you're out in the sun. Wear a cap and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes and slather on that sunscreen. Over exposure to the sun leads to formation of wrinkles. Use good moisturiser on your skin. Thick creams are best for the night while lotions work well during the day. Apply almond oils because it helps the skin keep its elasticity and also promotes cell renewal.

Eat right

Make sure to include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Stop making excuses that you don't like their taste- there are plenty of delicious ways to make even the most mundane vegges taste yum. Learn the recipes! Fruits and vegetables have a natural water content that helps in preventing dehydration besides being high on several vitamins and antioxidants that play a key role in neutralising free radicals. Free radicals are compounds that attack the body's cells, causing skin damage. Eating six to eight servings of fruits or vegetables will help you maintain your youthful glow.

Quit smoking

No one likes to be next to a person who reeks of cigarette smoke. Along with the other ill-effects of smoking like cancer, smoking is also bad for your skin. It restricts blood flow to the skin making your comlexion dull, and causes wrinkles and fine lines. Kick the habit.

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