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Renal Failure

Renal capacity might be hindered by illnesses or medications that impact the renal parenchyma, by additional renal issue, for example, intense circulatory disappointment or because of conditions in which there is deterrent to outpouring of pee. The disintegration of kidney work that results might be intense or constant and of differing level of seriousness.

Kidney disappointment is otherwise called renal deficiency. It is a confusion in which a man's kidneys all of a sudden wind up plainly unequipped for expelling waste items and poisons from the blood.

The kidneys lose their capacity to dispose of undesirable materials and help adjust liquids, electrolytes and control creation of red platelets in the body. These issues happen momentarily and inside a little timeframe. The manifestations are hard to distinguish.

A counterfeit procedure– kidney dialysis– is executed to play out every one of the capacities that was done normally by the kidneys. Kidney dialysis ousts destructive poisons from the circulation system and keeps up a legitimate level of helpful liquids and catalysts in the body.

Smooth working of Renal or Kidney is vital for a sound lifestyle.Diseases like Diabetes or circulatory strain or the ones disturbing the ordinary elements of Kidney result into this issue .Many circumstances drugs produced for these ailments may results the Kidneys coming about into disappointment of their working.


  • Hypertension /High blood pressure
  • Glomerulonephritis,
  • Respective Pyelonephritis/Bilateral Pyelonephritis,
  • Tuberculosis of Kidneys/Tuberculosis of Kidneys, etc.

Intense renal disappointment is caused by maladies like intense glomerulonephritis, reciprocal pyelonephritis, extremely hypertension and foundational lupus erythamatosus while ceaseless renal disappointment may come about because of conditionslsuch as dynamic glomerulonephritis, incessant pyelonephritis, polycystic infection of kidneys and tuberculosis of kidneys.

As indicated by Ayurveda, kidneys are the foundations of madovaha srotas (channel of fat tissue) and are comprised of rakta and meda dhatus (blood and fat tissues). So infections emerging out of these dhatus (tissues) can influence kidneys and cause their disappointment. Madhumeha (diabetes) is outstanding for it.

Reduced stream of blood to the kidneys

Acute parchedness

Chronic consumes

Liver breakdown

Heart maladies


Intake of pharmaceuticals for controlling pulse

Prolonged utilization of anti-infection agents and painkillers

Blood misfortune from the body

Any kind of contamination

Kidneys harmed because of physical harm

When the pee waste tube gets blocked. This blockage prompts challenges in disposal of squanders items from the body as pee.


  • Regurgitating/Vomiting, Nausea
  • Gathering of liquid in lungs /Collection of fluid in lungs
  • Paleness /Anaemia
  • Tingling on skin /Itching on skin
  • Body swelling



Collection of liquid in lungs


Body swelling

Itching on skin

A individual encounters change in taste. One feels metallic taste or alkali smell in the breath.

Reluctance to devour protein rich sustenances, for example, kidney beans, oats, meat, eggs, dairy items

Shivering sensation

Increased or diminished pee

Observing blood in the pee

Urine has froths or rises because of protein in it

Nausea or retching

Mental perplexity

Difficulty while concentrating

Loss of hunger

Pain in body and tingling issues

Shortened breath

Swelling in facial district, arms and legs

Ayurvedic view of Treatment

Acid reflux or breaking down of different parts in the body cause creation of poisons and consequently cause blocakages in the parts through which our body discards undesirable waste from the body as stool and urine.Due to certain essential sicknesses and their prescription vitality levels of body is influenced causing indigestion.Natural herbs are then used to enhance digestion,remove poisons from body.A appropriate eating regimen is proposed.

Ayurvedic Renal Failure Treatment

As per Ayurveda this illness is caused by the blockage of moment body channels called srotas. The body directs associated with this case, known as mutravaha srotas, convey pee and are in charge of the stream of fluid into and out of the kidneys. On the off chance that there are blockages in the approaching srotas the kidneys are denied liquids and shrinkage happens. Notwithstanding, if the active channels are blocked, swelling happens. There are extremely compelling Ayurvedic herbs, for example, punanarva that can clean these channels and lessen swelling and revive the kidneys. Ayurvedic treatment goes for reinforcing the kidneys, reestablishing its filtration limit and general working of the kidneys. This line of treatment can kill the requirement for dependence upon dialysis.

Herbs for Kidney Failure:

Ayurveda explains many herbal treatments for kidney failure. Although there is no satisfactory treatment in allopathic science other than dialysis and kidney transplant, Ayurveda has a lot of herbs for kidney failure which work quite well. Let’s have a look on important few.

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)

Due to its anti-inflammatory nature it is considered good for treating kidney failure. It cures swelling in the feet and around the joints effectively. It reduces accumulation of fluid in the feet region and improves appetite.

This beautiful herb Punarnava helps to boost balanced fluid levels in the cells to aid in healthy urine flow. Regular use of this herb revitalizes the whole body.

Kaasni (Cichorium intybus)

Kaasni is the best remedy for all kinds of kidney disorders. It is also recommended to heal respiratory problems. It prevents chronic constipation and increases hemoglobin. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and improves eyesight. It is the best herb to deal with kidney failure complications related to respiratory system. It acts very well as an anti-inflammatory.

Varun (Crataeva nurvala)

The powerful effect of varun cures kidney failure from its root. It provides strength to the urinary tract and prostate function. This herb is effective in treatment of chronic migraines, kidney stones, intestinal worms, intestinal bleeding, renal calculi and more.

Lupeol present in varun deactivates the enzyme glycolate oxidase and reduces the body’s construction of oxalate, which (combining with calcium) forms kidney stones.

Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris)

Gokshur gives remarkable relief from all kinds of urinary problems related to kidney failure. It also helps in successful curing of renal infections and chronic urinary discharges. It enhances a person’s immunity power and capability to fight against foreign bodies effectively.

Palaash (Butea monosperma)

Palaash is the best Ayurvedic herb for functioning of kidneys. It boosts low liver function, which can be the cause for kidney failure. It acts as an antiseptic and helps one to get rid of intestinal infections, worm infestations, intestinal parasites, etc. Thus, it is beneficial in eradicating symptoms of kidney failure.

Palaash leaves are very useful in successfully healing diarrhea, cold, dysentery and sore throat. It efficiently controls diabetes by reducing blood sugar. It is a great remedy for bones and fractures.

Rakt Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus)

Raky Chandan gives a person relief from several kinds of serious infections. It heals wounds and prevents bleeding. This makes it beneficial for people suffering from kidney failure. This herb has been known for its medicinal and cosmetic uses. It works well for any type of skin problems, acne, infections and wounds.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Controlling blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, body weight, smoking and alcohol consumption is important to avoid kidney damage.

To restrict sodium intake, salt is minimized from diet. So avoiding salty food articles like sea food, wafers etc is necessary.

Potassium intake is regulated in kidney failure and so low potassium containing food sources like carrots, cabbage, apples etc are preferred.

Protein intake too is regulated and low protein sources like cereals, vegetables and fruits are recommended.

Fatty, oily and fried foods are avoided.

Home Remedies for Kidney Failure:

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. But in end stage or so, fluid intake has to be limited to avoid extra burden on kidneys. Water has unique dissolving properties that dilute the urine, and this dilution prevents the formation of clusters of minerals and salts (stones) in the body.

Eat less non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food has a high amount of animal protein, which can increase the formation of kidney stones in the body and puts pressure on organs. It has been found that people who eat vegetarian foods are less prone to the risk of kidney failure than ones who eat non-vegetarian food. So, encourage consumption of vegetarian diet.

Prefer herbal tea. Nettle leaf tea is the best for kidney patients. Tea prepared of coriander, thyme and fennel seeds is the best home remedy for nausea and vomiting, which is a very common complication in kidney failure.

Boiled diet is highly recommended, or make use of olive oil in cooking.

Eat less at a time and avoid taking 2 to 3 heavy meals in a day.

One can have cauliflower, ash gourd, radish, bottle gourd, bell peppers, apples, papaya, pears, etc.

Limit the intake of dried beans, mushroom, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, apricots, etc.

Limit the intake of all dairy products.

Avoid or limit the intake of protein and potassium-rich fruits and other foods,so exclude all citrus fruits.

Coconut water and aloe vera are good to have to detoxify the body.

Basil or Tulsi is good to have to enhance immune system. Chew fresh leaves of basil every morning on an empty stomach.

Say no to smoking. Smoking harms and damages kidneys. So for good health of kidneys, one should quit smoking and chewing tobacco.

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