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Epistaxis is the basic event of seeping from the nose. It is generally seen when the blood depletes out through the nostrils. It is an indication of vitiated body warm and is frequently connected with hypertension and some other foundational maladies caused by over the top warmth in the body. Many individuals experience the ill effects of epistaxis amid the sweltering summer months.

Discharge or seeping from the nose is called epistaxis. It is an indication of vitiated body warm and is regularly connected with hypertension and some other foundational sicknesses caused by intemperate warmth in the body. Many individuals experience the ill effects of epistaxis amid the sweltering summer months.

In Ayurveda, the disorder 'Epistaxis' is known as Urdhvaga rakta pitta.


  • Intense sinusitis/Common frosty
  • Certain Allergies
  • Use of Aspirin
  • Hemophilia (and other bleeding disorders)
  • Synthetic aggravations, for example, smelling salts
  • Ceaseless sinusitis /Chronic sinusitis
  • Outside body in the nose /Foreign body in the nose
  • Nasal showers, for example, those used to treat sensitivities, if utilized every now and again
  • Injury to the nose /Trauma to the nose
  • Tumors in the nasal territory, heart illnesses, liver ailments, liquor abuse,
  • Leukemia ,Deficiency of Platelets, and Vitamin C and K can likewise cause epistaxis.

Factors, for example, inordinate warmth, admission of hot, hot sustenance and liquor are the general reasons for epistaxis. Nearby causes, for example, injury on the nose, aggravations noticeable all around, embeddings sharp question in the nose, cleaning out the nose emphatically can cause epistaxis. Sicknesses like sinusitis, rhinitis, hypertension, tumors in the nasal region, heart ailments, liver illnesses, liquor addiction, and malignancies, for example, leukemia, lack of platelets, and Vitamin C and K can likewise cause epistaxis.

It is by and large connected with the nasal polyp. The condition is accelerated by nasal contamination, hypertension, and sudden variances in ecological temperatures.


  • Seeping through nose /Bleeding through nose

Bleeding through nose

It alludes to that condition when there is seeping from the nose. Kids have this gripe fundamentally in summer.


If the patient is having hypertension, don't endeavor to check nasal dying. All things considered, in such a common circumstance, the nasal draining is going about as a security valve.


  • Don't consume the midnight oil.
  • Have a full-time and sound rest around evening time.
  • Refrain from taking catnaps (amid the daytime). It just exasperates the conditions.
  • Never take any kind of mental weight.
  • Stay far from all types of strain.
  • Avoid work that requires hard work.
  • Say 'NO!' to hot and hot sustenance things.
  • The patient can be given other than old rice, bovine's drain and margarine.
  • He/she can likewise expend pomegranate, grapes and white pumpkin.
  • Mutton soups and in addition that of Moong dal can likewise be given to such patients.

Ayurvedic Epistaxis Treatment

As per Ayurveda, vitiation of Pitta is a reason for the seeping of the nose. Vitiation of Vata dosha is additionally mindful. Individuals with vata and pitta irregularity, are more inclined to hypertension and nosebleeds. Ayurveda uses natural arrangements that contain haemostatic herbs for inner and outer use that assistance check bleeding.In Ayurveda it is recommended to Epistaxis patient to stay away from hot, fiery nourishment and flavors like pepper, Drinking over the top tea, espresso or liquor must be avoided. We propose appropriate eating regimen and remedy of different home grown prescription from Ayurveda

From Ayurvedic point of view nasal draining shows exacerbation of pitta. Exasperated pitta blends with rakta dhatu (blood tissue) to cause epistaxis. It can happen as an autonomous illness or as an indication of maladies like urdhwaga raktapitta, kamala et cetera. Ayurveda uses home grown arrangements that contain haemostatic herbs for interior and outer utilization that assistance check dying.

At whatever point, there is nasal dying, the patient ought to be made to sit straight with the head turned upwards. This is done to switch the blood stream. At that point, the patient is asked to gradually take in; the air alongside the blood is then inhaled inwards.

The Ayurvedic treatment to control and cure Epistaxis comprises of five prescriptions. These are Chyavana prasha, Vasavaleha, Anu taila, Durva and Pomegranate squeeze other than basic cool water.

Eating regimen and Lifestyle Advice

Some individuals, particularly those having pitta constitution show a propensity to experience the ill effects of epistaxis more than once. Such people ought to maintain a strategic distance from hot, hot nourishment and flavors like pepper.

Drinking over the top tea, espresso or liquor must be evaded.

Playing or strolling in hot sun ought to be stayed away from. Dodge high temperature conditions and muggy spots.

Avoid keeping conscious around evening time.

Drink adequate measure of water, drain, coconut water, grapes, and so on.

Eat gulkand and amla stick consistently.

Home Remedies

Place smashed frosted into a plastic zipper-type sack and cover with a towel. (A pack of solidified vegetables works fine, as well.) Place the pack on the extension of the nose and hold until the point when well after the draining stops.

Take a fabric or cotton ball and wet it with white vinegar. Connect it to the nostril that is dying. Vinegar enables seal up the vein to divider.

Drink 1/some amla juice with water once day by day. You can likewise apply new amla glue on the focal point of the head or skull to stop nose dying.

Keeping the head in a raised position diminishes likewise nasal dying.


Nasal draining happens because of nasal polyp. What's more, nasal polyp assembles when a man experiences unending clogging or frosty disorders. In this way, steps ought to be taken to dodge cool natural circumstances. Thus, obstruction must be captured. Standard defecations are guaranteed by Chayavana prasha. The patient ought to be drink hot drain blended with a teaspoonful of the medication twice every day.


A teaspoonful of Vasavaleha should be taken thrice every day. It ought to be blended with drain or nectar. It is especially viable against all side effects of nasal dying.


Anu taila is a type of cured oil that is utilized as nasal drop. It is suggested for patients who experience the ill effects of rehashed sessions or perpetual assaults of Epistaxis. It is given to the patient amid the intense condition.

The dosage is of 10 drops in every nostril.


These are juices arranged from the Durva grass and the pomegranate bloom individually.

The measurements: 10 drops of the juices arranged from Durva grass should be connected to every nostril. The patient ought to profoundly breathe in the drops.

So also, the patient ought to profoundly breathe in 10 drops (in every nostril) of the juice arranged from the pomegranate blossom.

These Ayurvedic prescriptions are additionally accessible over the counter. They are very viable in intense Epistaxiscases.

Chilly WATER

As per Ayurvedic standards, the best intends to stop nasal draining is frosty water. The patient ought to instantly be given a face and head wash with chilly water. The individual can likewise be given cool water for inward breath.