Siro Pichu

Shiru Pichu is an Ayurvedic treatment method which includes two terms, Shiro significance head, Pichu meaning a swab or clean cotton cushion or a clean material dunked in sedated oils. The Ayurvedic treatment of Shiro Pichu falls under the classification of Murdhni Taila. It is a compelling Ayurvedic treatment educated for aversion and getting free with respect to numerous psychosomatic diseases.

Treatment includes keeping a dressing piece or cotton absorbed warm medicated,herbal oil over the influenced region. The cloth will be most typically kept over the head or on temple over the foremost fontanelle. The sedated oil for the Ayurvedic treatment is endorsed relying upon the sickness or the confusion of the customer. It may likewise be taken after with an unwinding head and neck rub contingent upon the wellbeing condition.

Indian Ayurvedic Head Massage - Siro Pichu SIRO PICHU (Retention of oil splashed material over Head): Retention of oil-doused cotton fabric on the head is called SIRO PICHU. Such oil maintenances assuage the nerves and mind cells and enhance the individual's memory levels. A prescription rich mix of herbs, drain and oil is utilized for the treatment. With proper medications, siro pichu additionally diminishes Alzheimer'sdisease, cervical spondylosis, hemiplegia, facial loss of motion, restlessness.

SIRO Vasti Acylindrical cowhide top of around ten inches tallness and having both the finishes open settled in position by methods for fabric belt a few crawls in width is tied around the head and dark gram glue is utilized for stopping the openings and filling the holes. Reasonable cured oil warmed to an endurable degree is poured inside and permitted to stay for 60 minutes, until the point when the bodily fluid streams down through the nostrils. This treatment is exceedingly powerful for hair fall, dandruff, facial loss of motion, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, serious cerebral pains and other vatha (rheumatic) - related ailments.

What sicknesses Siro Pichu cures?

Facial paralysis, Headache, Insomnia, Improves memory, Dermatitis of the scalp, Dandruff, Other neurological issue, Paralysis and Psychosomatic sicknesses.

What are the advantages of Siro Pichu adjacent to coordinate treatment?

It unwinds the brain, enhances memory and fixation.

Advantages of Shiro Pichu:

  • Decreases the consuming sensation in the scalp and other scalp infections.
  • Gives alleviation in cerebral pain and headache.
  • Actuates sound rest.
  • Abatements firmness in neck and unwinds eye muscles.
  • Gainful in mental and also neurological scatters like loss of motion and facial paralysis.

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