Pizhichil (Thailadhara)

A ruler among the conventional treatments and a strength of Kerala!

60 minute

This treatment is an excellent mix of two traditional Ayurvedic medicines, Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation). The entire body is showered in floods of tepid cured oil with concurrent delicate back rub. Three specialists take care of the customer, concentrating on their specific needs. More than three liters of unwinding, cured oil is utilized as a part of this treatment. Pizhichil shields the body from diseases and develops insusceptibility for a solid life. It is extremely valuable for rheumatic illnesses, joint pain, loss of motion, sexual shortcoming, neurological disarranges, circulatory strain, anxious shortcoming and captures the maturing procedure.

Pizhichil Treatment in Ayurveda, is a mix of oil back rub and warmth treatment. This is an exceptionally restoring treatment that improves solid tone and retunes the whole sensory system. It comes as a bundle in itself – a course of 10 days is important to pick up its greatest mending potential. Recommended for: to a great degree high Vata dosha types, solid throbs and pains,rheumatic issues, osteo joint inflammation, sleep deprivation, depression, sexual issues.

A delicate, synchronized back rub of all over is completed on all parts of the body other than the head are subjected to this treatment. The patient lays on the treatment table and two to four prepared advisors play out the back rub under the supervision of a Vaidyar or a Physician. It is directed in seven standard positions, with the goal that no territory of the body is left revealed.

Here, fabric plunged in tepid sedated oil is crushed over the patient's body consistently and after that the oil rubbed easily finished the body of the patient by masseurs on either side.The treatment incorporates nonstop oil pouring over the body, at that point rubbing and fortifying the skin utilizing hands and extraordinary cotton materials. Extraordinary alert must be taken for the patient's head ought not get sweat amid the treatment. Henceforth a fabric is tied over the brow of the individual to keep oil from getting into the eyes.

New cured oil is utilized each day and the length of Pizhichil is chosen by the Ayurveda master after the body constitution of the individual has been resolved. Regularly the treatment may last fourteen to twenty-eight days.

Valuable for

  • Unwinding and Health
  • Mitigating nervousness
  • Fighting melancholy
  • Directing circulatory strain
  • Mitigating body torments
  • Treating rheumatic ailments
  • Reducing ligament manifestations
  • Defeating loss of motion
  • Curing sexual shortcoming
  • Diminishing neurological issue
  • Excellence
  • Keeping skin youthful
  • Forestalling maturing
  • Advantages of Pizhichil :

    • Tones and revives the skin, advances unwinding.
    • Enhances blood course, supports muscles, nerves tissues, advances mental adjust.
    • Diminishes torment in joints and quiets the sensory system /Relieves pain in joints and calms the nervous system .

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