Nasyam is a restorative treatment for the nose, throat, sinuses and head. The face, shoulders and chest are rubbed with particular natural oil and the home grown concentrates and home grown oils are ingrained into the nostrils, while breathing in measured amounts. After this procedure, the zone around the nose, chest, palms and foot are kneaded energetically. This Ayurvedic treatment can give an extraordinary solution for blockage. When it is joined with Abhyangam, it likewise quiets the body, diminishing it of stress and poisons. It additionally directs our hormones. This broadened treatment will purge, sanitize and fortify the nasal sections enabling you to inhale completely and effectively once more.

Nasyam is exceptionally compelling Ayurveda cure and it guarantees unwinding for head related issues particularly for some kind of cerebral pains. The sickness in the head district would get much unwind after Nasyam. Nostrills are the section purpose of Nasyam treatment and it's the entryway to cerebrum where Nasyam treatment applies.Nasyam is a critical treatment particularly for the ailment in the head region.Through the nostrils the cured oil and powder are applies and this procedure is called Nasyam. There are many kind of Nasyams in Ayuirveda. Nasyam is a poison expelling procedure and it's extremely useful to get unwind for head related issues. Nasyam gives resistant power in the head area. The mucas film of nasal depression gets incitement through Nasyam. It ensures productive unwind to all competitors. The sickness in the head district is conspicuous piece of Nasyam treatment. The significance of Nasyam is much important in this cutting edge period, in light of the fact that wherever we'll discover the illnesses with issues in head. The patient gets unwinding after Nasyam particularly with poison expelling from head,neck,brain,ear and throat. Nasyam is an exceptionally unique treatment particularly intended for head related sickness. Ayurveda offers a great deal of Nasyams incorporate Virechana Nasyam., Dhamana Nasyam, Brumhana Nasyam and Shamana nasyam.

No of days :14

Valuable for:-

  • Doing combating clog /Battling congestion
  • Help from hypersensitivities /Relief from allergies
  • Fighting sinusitis /Combating sinusitis
  • Lessening cerebral pains /Reducing headaches
  • Mitigating headaches /Alleviating migraines
  • Treating runny noses /Treating runny noses
  • Counteracting other nasal contaminations/Preventing other nasal infections

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