(FOR A PATIENT) Description Before Taking Medicine After Taking Medicine Improvement in one month
01. Total Leucoytes Count 6,340 cells per 6,530 Cell per + 190 Cells per
02. Lymphocyte Percentage 23.00% 32.80% +9.5%
03. Absolute Mphocyte Count 1,460.00 Cells per 2,140.00Cell per +680 Cells per
04. Absolute CD3 + Thymophocytes count 1,125.00Cells per 1,570.00Cell per +445 Cells per
05. CD4 + T Helper Cells Percentage of CD3 28.71% 29.36% +0.61%
06. Absolute CD4 + T Helper Cells count 323.00 Cells Per 461.00 Cell per +138 Cells Per
07. CD8 + T Suppressor Cells percentage of CD3 66.48% 67.13% +0.65%
08. Absolute CD8 + T Suppressor Cells count 748.cells per 1,054.00 Cells per +306 Cells Per
09. Ratio CD4/CD8 0.43 0.44 +0.1%

Callers swamp city’s AIDS helpline

Mumbai: Bill Gates' recent tour of India set off a flurry of activity in an unlikely place-the office of Mumbai's only AIDS helpline".People called up wanting to know "his agenda" behind doling out $100 million for AIDS research in India. Asked one of the callers." Will his money be used to subsidies medicines for us?"

The three counsellors who handle the 24-hour AIDS helpline are used to verbal barrages. "Every article highlighting an alternative cure or breakthrough sets off a chain reaction, with people calling up to know more about these claims," said one of the counsellors. On such days, the average daily number of calls shoots up to 90 from the usual 30.

After handling 12,000 calls (in addition to 10,000 calls answered by the interactive voice response between 9 p.m. and 10a.m.), the counsellors say that although Mumbaikars are talking about AIDS more freely than they did a few years ago, they have only half-backed knowledge about the condition. This is obvious from the spate of calls that followed a newspaper report that limejuice could help fight the HIV virus. " One man wondered if the HIV virus would be flushed out of his system if he had lime juice four times a day," said one of the counsellors. Such erroneous extrapolations remain the biggest challenge to Aids educators in India, the counsellors added.

"On a positive note, the callers don't seem inhibited and are ready to discuss topics ranging from sexuality to the AIDS vaccine. Moreover, women constitute six percent of our callers-a rare occurrence for helplines", said the counsellors, who have good reason not to reveal their names. About 14 per cent of the calls are obscene ones. " If we give our names, we are certain to get calls specifically asking for us on the helpline," they said. An analysis of the data collected in the two years the service has been in operation shows that callers mainly want to know about the modes of transmission, prevention and treatment of HIV/Aids.

"About 12.5 per cent of our callers have chosen to reveal their HIV-positive status and they regularly call back to give us feedback about the doctors we referred them to or to discuss their experiences," said one of the counsellors.

It's these follow-up calls that the counsellors count among their successes. Take Purvi, a widow who tested HIV-positive after her husband's death. She was contemplating suicide when she saw the helpline number in a train. " We let hervent her feelings and encouraged her to view life more positively. Today, she is on medication, and her enthusiasm is reflected in her voice," a counsellor said. Purvi still calls the helpline, but only to wish the counsellors on special days such as Divali.

For 1st Time in India in private in the Field Of HIV/AIDS Treatment

Facilities for earliest detection confirmation full treatment.
Fully confidential & lifelong registration for treatment
A dedicated 7 specially centre hospital with outpatient Day-care & long term indoor admission facilities from simple to most complicated & serious cases on day-& night basis.
A well equipped institute-setup with dedicated & trained medical & paramedical staffs with team work for 20 bedded hospital, operation theater for surgeries, endoscopies & procedures delivery - room, separate adult male / female & pediatric wards & intensive - care - unit with total diagnostic centre.
Delivery of pregnant mother both as planned & on emergency basis to minimize mother to child transmission.
Screening confirmation & treatment of new-borns infants & pediatric. Populations with multiple problems
Extended home - care-service in selective cares
Orientation, Training & certification - programmes for corporate/HRD

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