AYURVEDIC TREATMENT for Ring Warm Ringworm is a skin infection caused by a fungus.It can affect skin on your body (tinea corporis), scalp (tinea capitis), groin area (tinea cruris), or feet (tinea pedis, also called athlete's foot). Often, there are several patches of ringworm on skin at once.


  • Fungi called dermatophytes cause ringworm of the scalp. Fungi are organisms that thrive on dead tissue, such as fingernails, hair, and the outer layers of your skin. Overcrowding and poor hygiene increase the spread of ringworm.
  • House pets, such as cats and dogs, can spread ringworm
  • Farm animals like goats, cows, horses, and pigs can also be carriers.
  • Itchy patches on the scalp.
  • Sections of hair may break off near the scalp, leaving scaly, red areas or bald spots.
  • Lesions commonly are found on the trunk, legs, arms, neck, and face
Ayurvedic view of Treatment

According to Ayurveda,this infection occurs when there is imbalance of Kapha. which symbolizes mucus. It is cold, heavy, dense and sticky in nature. Vata,which is cold dry, subtle and mobile.Both in imbalanced condition manifest in the skin and cause accumulation of toxins. These toxins when accumulate in deeper tissues of skin leads to ringworm.With Ayurvedic herbs body is detoxified,digestion is improved and some herbal ointment can give significant effects . One should avoid foods made up of white flour such as bread, cakes, pastries, pizza etc. Non- veg foods should be avoided completely. One should avoid artificial foods, fast foods, cola drinks. Tomatoes, excessive salt should be avoided as these are pitta

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