A headache is a symptom rather than a disease and may be caused by high blood pressure, insomnia, weak eyesight, sinusitis, hunger, anemia, listening to loud music, studying in improper light, emotional strain, overwork, constipation, and flatulence. Headache can be mild, moderate or severe pain that affects the whole head, a part of the head, forehead or the eyes.


  • Improper diet and lifestyle
  • Hypertension
  • Indigestion
  • Mental stress
  • Sleeplessness etc
  • Pain in the head or back of the neck and shoulders.
Ayurvedic view of Treatment

A Sensitive nervous system and impaired digestion are the reason for this problem. Improper diet and lifestyle causes aggravation of Pitta. Pitta impairs digestion, leading to production of digestive impurities (known as ama) This ama gets stored in the manovahi strotas (mind channels), thereby cause headaches. Ayurvedic treatment just not focus on alleviating the pain but aims at treating the root cause. Herbal remedies to restore the digestive functionalongwith diet suggestion eliminates the cause

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