Gallstone formation is the most common disorder of the biliary tract. The process of formation of gallstones is called cholelithiasis in modern medicine. Though men and women both suffer from gallstones, their prevalence is much more in middle aged women. Gallstones usually occur in conjunction with cholecystitis which means inflammation of the wall of the gall bladder. Ayurveda refers to gallstones as pittashmari and has offered effective remedial measures against them.

  • Obesity as it can can accelerate cholesterol level and make it tough for the gallbladder to remain empty.
  • Woman who takes birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapy are more prone to this problem. Because extra estrogen levels increase the cholesterol levels.
  • Diabetic patients have the high levels of triglycerides which is a blood fat and results in gallstones.
  • Intake of medicine to lower down the cholesterol levels which results in the cholesterol stones.
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Flatulence and indigestion
  • Heartburn and abdominal pain
Ayurvedic view of Treatment

According to Ayurveda, formation of gallstones is caused due to imbalance of all three doshas viz. vata, pitta and kapha. Excessive increase of pitta (caused by hot, spicy food, alcohol etc.) creates the basis for stone formation. Kapha increased by fatty, heavy foods mixes with pitta. and produces a highly sticky mixture. Vata dries this mixture and moulds it into shape of a stone.

Ayurvedic treatment eliminates the need for surgery by assisting the body to expel the stones naturally.It involves the use of highly effective stone dissolving herbal medicines along with herbs to cleanse the liver and restore its function. appropriate dietary regimen and lifestyle is suggested such as maintaining proper food timings and avoidance of late night meals .One should avoid non-veg and heavy foods .

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